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Now with Less Hair!, from London

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May 6, 2016
    1. Randy
      Sounds like we're 'brothers from a different mother' :lol: :wub:
    2. Randy

      There's just so fucking much going on there, it's hard not to play that thing in a loop. Silence' is probably the most well written instrumental song of all time.
    3. Aurochs34
      Definitely. I'm hoping man! Fests aside, I've praying to the heavens for a shot to see Jesu (or Godflesh if i were somehow touched by all the prophets simultaneously) anytime between Sep and Dec. Don't get too many opportunities for that in the US!
    4. Aurochs34
      Holy shit £200?! Damn man that's intense...yeah definitely not worth it. Bloodstock always has the goods it seems, so that'll be way badass I'm sure.
      I'm bummed though man because I'm actually coming to the UK in the fall for a while, but I'll miss all the summer metal fests you guys have...
    5. Scar Symmetry
      Scar Symmetry
      awesome man see you there :yesway:
    6. Scar Symmetry
      Scar Symmetry
      yo dude! we're on at 6:40 :yesway::)
    7. Aurochs34
      My fellow BLS bro across the bay, you goin to High Voltage this summer? Got some pretty good shit going on over there man!
    8. Soopahmahn
      Indeed man! Thanks for the kind words and such. Strictly 7 rules. +1 for Earthworm Jim, and thanks for the add!
    9. Aurochs34
      haha I be a Society Dwelling Mother Fucker by the creed of Strength Determination Merciless Forever :agreed:

      :shred:<<we need a Zakk one of these :lol:
    10. Bloody_Inferno
      Without derailing the COOL thread:

      Visual Asperity on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

      Some friends of mine. MASSIVE J-rock fans to a point where one of the guitarists uses a Sugizo sig and the bassist (whom I may consider stealing for a new project :evil:) uses an ESP Testu sig. :lol:
    11. ry_z
    12. ArtDecade
      Go for it. Just add (Jrock Content) to the thread title and other guys will probably drop in, like JohnIce and RY Z. Glad to find another Jrock fan around here.
    13. ArtDecade
      You'll find a few good Japanese threads around here. I love Luna Sea (of course), L'arc en ciel, and Janne Da Arc. you (JDA) is one of my favorite players. He is up there with hide, Sugizo, and Inoran. I also listen to a lot of pop as well, like Abe Mao, Superfly, Spin Aqua, Vamps, etc. The Gazette is awesome.
    14. ArtDecade
      X-Japan! :yesway: Although I miss hide, it is amazing to hear Sugizo stepping in to play his parts.
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