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May 6, 2016
Feb 16, 2010
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Now with Less Hair!, from London

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May 6, 2016
    1. Randy
      Did you say fluid?
    2. Randy
      You are a man of the world.
    3. Randy
      I'm a man of my word. :wub:
    4. Randy
      Fuck me running! :lol: Damn, I knew I was missing something. Next one. :wub:
    5. Guitarman700
      Sweet doubleneck man. Is that a Gibby or an epiphone?
    6. Fred
      It's fredbaty's sounds on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free - not a lot up there at the moment but I hope to get more up soon!
    7. Fred
      Thanks very much man, hugely appreciate your taking the time to check it out and I'm glad you dig it!
    8. Randy
      I AM ETERNAL! :lol:

      Goddammit, why did I have to switch my avatar just yesterday? :( Either way, great find and I'm totally switch it to the Bandicoot on next rollover. You're the man. :D
    9. Randy
      Consider me as having preemptive GAS.
    10. Randy
      The Demon is literally my favorite guitar shape ever. :yum:
    11. Randy
      Woah, that's all monstrous news! Which Strictly 7 design did they have out there?
    12. Randy

      Long time, my friend! :wub:
    13. JJ Rodriguez
      JJ Rodriguez
      Yup. The GSP1101 is pretty transparent, which is about one of the only good things I can say about it other than it sounding way better than Line 6 :lol:
    14. Randy
      Also, I've been stricken by the Axe-Fx GAS bug as well. :(
    15. Randy
      In my free time I mostly play guitar but professionally, I'm 90% bass player and I haven't bought a new piece of bass gear since I was 15 so I think I'm overdue as well. :lol: I'd like to get a classic Ampeg 8-10 and one of those lower end Spector basses and that'd work. My local GC had a friggin' 8-10 just like that for $300 bucks last month and by the time I came back with cash... gone. Fuck. :pissed:
    16. Randy
      Yeah, I wouldn't mind something like that ZW OD pedal as well. I like my TS7ovC and all, but it either works great for leads or rhythms but if I try to set it halfway in between... meh. Right now, I have my rig wired up so that my looper is running through the front end and then my multi-effect is running through the loop (more or less what you're gunning for, through the X3). The goal would be to set the TS7 so that it's in full rhythm mode and when I stomp my lead preset, it'll arm the ZW (or whichever OD I put in that place).

      It sucks because I actually like a really simple kinda rig.... stripped down, but I like a specific "sound" and you end up sticking a buncha shit together by the time you're done trying to do it. :lol:
    17. Randy
      Rig-wise, what are you looking to put together?
    18. Randy
      I'm way jealous of your recording rig.
    19. Randy
      There's actually a correlation between the two.
    20. Psychobuddy
      Hey man thanks much for appreciating Hizaki, you can never have enough fans of good Japanese Visual Kei stuff.
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