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    Yo, from Florida~

    Hey hey, Welcome to the forums! I was in the same situation like you, lurking for a while and then decided to make a post! On a different note: I can't help but read Flo-rida when I see someone write Florida ^^ Also one of my first guitars was a Ibanez rg321 it was pretty Sh-a-fordable, but...
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    Let's talk about endorsement and brands

    I was always under the impression that being endorsed is simply a business decision E.g. Sponsoring, signature line and possibly exclusivity? Concerning social media I think some companies still look at PR like they did when dinosaurs were alive, with the outdated thought that: "any PR is good...
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    Hello from Austin Tx!

    Hello! Welcome to the forums! Drinks are on your left and hit Daf up for snacks (you will undoubtedly find out what that means later)
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    Amp volume changes

    Wow ten years! Let me know how it goes!
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    Amp volume changes

    Hmm sounds like new tubes wouldn't be a bad plan, how long have you had it for?
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    Hey hey, Welcome to the forums! Are those sales open for EU as well? ;)
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    Zip archive

    Did you try the uninstall/download winzip route?
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    Mesa Triple Rectifier vs Peavey 6505

    Hmmm I know this does not really help you but.. Why not both? Also what is your budget and rest of the setup? What about Bogner or maybe ENGL, EVH? I personally love my 6505, tried the mesa boogie, but to me it felt off. I urge you to try both and same goes for any cab out there really (I stay...
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    Alternate uses for a standard LP toggle?

    I think it was a dummy indeed, chapman/andertons did a review on the guitar and they discussed it. uh.. here :D
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    NGD: Universe content

    Love the contrast between the headstock and the body!
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    Oh yeah ... food porn! :)

    And here I was trying to get a bit more lean... yeah not really going to happen I think.. Not like this anyways! Looks Nice!
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    NGD:mij jackson

    Man why must you do this! I was thinking of getting a charvel with a maple fretboard, now I think I might just have to get both..
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    Resistance bands for muscle building?

    Please consult a doctor, they are the Health professional you should be consulting first and foremost.
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    NGD:mij jackson

    I love it! HNGD! As a person not too familliar with blackouts how are they, how do they hold themselves vs. EMGs?
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    NGD: ESP Vulture

    Echo on what Feral said, we need a speech!