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  1. Corporial Bodies
    Cheers bud I did think of that but it's up for sale so I wanna be as honest as possible
  2. Møkshā
    Sometimes I just use a black marker or sharpie to blot out those chipped parts if its small.
  3. davefishman777
    I love these!
  4. Don Parkison
    @BlackSG91 Yea, there is one on Reverb right now for $500 but it doesnt have the Bisgby. The trem with the lipsticks is the combo I really liked about that strat I had. But yea, until I saw that...
  5. BlackSG91
    @Don Parkison Awesome! It's a Godin Belmont guitar. They are now called Richmond Belmont. It came with stock Seymour Duncan pick ups and I must say I do love the Lipsticks myself. They have a...

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