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  1. Ron Head
    The switch , the bladeswitch , is original , the tip is from such fender knobs in gold set ... And yeah , sometimes i went for it , dispite customs/tax ... Also , I got quite some parts - in...
  2. mrvomit
    ye was wrong meant washers on the headstock ( dunno if it' s correct , english is not my main t.). I think i could find some stuff in different places , but still did not track the pu covers ....
  3. Ron Head
    The tip and knobs you might find best searching for a fender knobs set in gold , the switch in the original that came with the 7620 , the nut in this pic is the black one ; however i did exchange...
  4. mrvomit
    thank you did not find the golden one on thomann nor bay , but i found at identical looking one named FT-050TG-OC ! looking for trees of life .guess i'm gonna order that. then i have to figure...
  5. Ron Head
    The gold on comes from Jockomo on ebay ( i think Thomann has Jockoma now too ... ) , yeah the covers are shiny stickers , not really happy with these , but as a test it was 'succesfull' . The ones...

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