Tree of life family
Ron Head

Tree of life family

Family pic with some of the sevens with the tree of life theme ; left2right :
RG7620, RG752, RG752, JEM7V7, RG7620 .
whew^^ beautiful ,where i could find (bay europe or similar) the decals for pu/ fretboard like your black right one 7620?
i wanted to paint first or late white he black of mine ( akso light up in some way , too heavu) , but the golden /black you did is growing on me quite a lot , though maybe pu's covers do not look that good like your photo. Cheers!
The gold on comes from Jockomo on ebay ( i think Thomann has Jockoma now too ... ) , yeah the covers are shiny stickers , not really happy with these , but as a test it was 'succesfull' .
The ones on the 2nd and 3rd are from creative cuts inlays , also through ebay , great stuff ! The green one is from a spannish seller , but no longer available there ...
And whille am at this , the last of these 5 , number 4 , has real inlays ; the jem7v7 wh ;)
Ok man , good luck !
thank you did not find the golden one on thomann nor bay , but i found at identical looking one named
FT-050TG-OC ! looking for trees of life .guess i'm gonna order that. then i have to figure the restb like tip, lever switch and knobs ( where did you get those others , if you recall?) . Also some nuts at headstock did you change golden too or is it just me? Hate plain black and cannot afford white repaint Atm, new car wasted my spares lolz
The tip and knobs you might find best searching for a fender knobs set in gold , the switch in the original that came with the 7620 , the nut in this pic is the black one ; however i did exchange some to gold , ordered from ebay again ( searching for locking nut 7 string gold ... ) .
On ibanez dot com , you can find in their menu under support , almost all part numbers , makes your searches easier ;)
ye was wrong meant washers on the headstock ( dunno if it' s correct , english is not my main t.).
I think i could find some stuff in different places , but still did not track the pu covers .
Trying to avoid customs being in Europe . The tip of the switch was gold in your switch as stock ? weird.
well then now you'll have to order the lo pro in gold to finish it , lolz .
The switch , the bladeswitch , is original , the tip is from such fender knobs in gold set ...
And yeah , sometimes i went for it , dispite customs/tax ...
Also , I got quite some parts - in general - from 'local' guitarparts suppliers ( screws, bolds, rings, tunerpegs )
Also , just got lucky because some parts i purchased before the UK left EU ... (tunerpegs, lo-pro edge, locking nut )
But i still search (google, ebay, rteverb ) and find stuff i need for projects , and just go for it ; maybe now these days i'll have to wait longer or pay importduties, or simply keep searching because parts ran out of stock , because of covid ( transport costs , productions on hold ... )
Arrived the gold one ( jockomo indeed like yours "^^ ") .
Man i had trouble finding the thread again lolz, notification s disappear and no trace left , had to Search for IMAGES on google to find it , a lot of time! .
There are different 24Th and 12Th measures what did you use , and how did you the whole process?By hand "guessing" or cutting squares at 25.5 size frets?
I 've thought it was a pre-cut or "labeled line -cut "decal , it's not , i saw online they cut on squares but i dont haver stupidly the right tool at the moment
If result will be good , a lacquer spray or sort to fix decal in would be nice , did you do it on yours?
Now i l'go to hunt washers and stuff around ( washers seems impossible to find here , difficult to visit local stores they are close to extinction sadly except basic stuff),
Important : do you know which SIZES (name of the piexes like m8 or whatever )i have to look for washers / nuts and so on ? cause here i have millimeters metric Rulers so i cant measure them right .
I didn't use lacquer spray ; thought of it , but I want to be able to keep the board in condition and be able to remove the stickers when I want/need to , without damaging the board ...
For the exchange of the parts , just measure the old ones and when in doubt on some parts found , buy the more sizes alltogether , but search on what you've measured (maybe convert - mm to inch - to what's offered)

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