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  1. SignsOfExtinction
    Latest single "Remnants of a Fallacy" is out on youtube now.
  2. JustGotNickd
    JustGotNickd AhsanU
    Did you ever sell that razorback in 2010?
  3. JustGotNickd
    JustGotNickd Rossness
    Hey, Did you ever get that white razorback?
  4. Midvalley
    Midvalley narad
    Hey Narad, just wanted to let you know that the Timbre study page appears to have an issue. It keeps prompting to select where I heard about it from, but won't accept any of the options in the drop down.
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    2. narad
      Thanks for letting me know! I think the student was updating it last night with an improved method for sampling relevant pairs of clips and somehow caused it. He says he has fixed the issue.
      Jul 24, 2021
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  5. djimihendrix
    Looking at sevens
  6. trickae
    trickae axiomIII
    Hey man, how was your guitar build from 2014?
  7. fouad makke
    fouad makke
    Sydney Australia
  8. fouad makke
    fouad makke
    Fouad Nightbirds Musician Band Drumer Director By Nightbirds Music Band
  9. jco5055
    jco5055 Hollowway
    Hey dude, I left you a PM about your Grainger guitars..just messaging here in case you have your notifications turned off. Thanks!
  10. Valhallir
    Long live the seven.
  11. neuronic
    neuronic KnightBrolaire
    Hi there,
    I 'm planning to dye the neck (and possibly the body) of my M80M and I'm torn between Fiebing's and Angelus leather dye. I noticed you were commenting on the later, so... did you use both and thus can you compare the two?
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    2. neuronic
      Thanks. Actually they're both readily available. So... did you notice any difference in use at all?
      Jul 6, 2021
    3. KnightBrolaire
      no, not really.
      Jul 6, 2021
    4. neuronic
      Okay then, thanks, man ;)
      Jul 6, 2021
  12. GreenAlien
  13. MetalheadMC
    MetalheadMC Jacksonluvr636
    Solid dude here. We were both hesitant in trading, but we did. Guitar was explained in full detail beforehand, solid communication, and perfect packaging throughout. Thanks dude
  14. Jacksonluvr636
    Jacksonluvr636 MetalheadMC
    Awesome trader. I was nervous to make a trade in fear out of getting scammed but this guy is legit. Was a good transaction, super cool guy and do not hesitate to deal with him.
  15. zilla
    powered by coffee
  16. Harley Peterson
    Harley Peterson
    Staying Focused
  17. k5beaststa
    Great Juneteenth Morning this has been!
  18. Allan Culver
    Allan Culver
    Playing lots of 8 string after getting my first ESP LTD 8 String.
  19. wcw
  20. trickae
    trickae Vede
    Hey Vede, What was your experience like with the Hydra? Do you find them heavy with the mahagony build? How was the multiscale in terms of playability?