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  1. Geetarguy
    Im a IBANEZ Enthusiast! Love 27” Scale.
  2. Jeff Etter
    Jeff Etter
    2027xvv prestige 7 the holly grail of tone.
  3. Jeff Etter
    Jeff Etter
    What are these worth it's got 7 strings?
  4. William DeWolfe
  5. RobDobble6S7
    Currently Eating
  6. Universe74
    Universe74 Tyler
    Hey just got a 752FX and want to put some white pickups in. How were the Nailbombs? I like metal but play in a cover band so still need rock/split coil tones. Thanks.
  7. Strive_gOD
    the start of something nice...
  8. BryanBuss
    Thanks mods, appreciate it. <3
  9. captainzohar
    why u asking me ,,, iam not human :
  10. VibTDog
    I'm Not Dead Yet
  11. marshall_de
    marshall_de Birds

    NickVicious24 from this board told me he sold the PRS Mark Holcomb to you. Is it still in your hands?

    Best regards from Germany
  12. Koa Kalani
    Koa Kalani
    Is this really my life? How sid I get this lucky??!
  13. hilljack13
    Fuck liberals, For America by America!
  14. cwhitey2
    cwhitey2 BadSeed
    What's your Instagram!?
    1. BadSeed
      Yo! Soakedintormentx
      Dec 14, 2020
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  15. Daddiikong
    Wanting to buy a Komrad, but good luck in finding one...
  16. wydsith
    wydsith Velokki
    Hi Velokki, I'm aware this is probably a long shot...but I'm wondering if you still have your green wm526 and if so if you'd be willing to part with it? Or if you sold it, do you know where it ended up? I'm trying to replace one for someone dear to me. I know they're hard to come by these days and am willing to pay accordingly. Thanks
  17. Cold Becoming
    Cold Becoming Alex
    Hey Alex, could I have my username changed to my real name "Traz". Thanks a lot!
  18. Juan Mutant
    Juan Mutant
    Epiphone Casino
  19. Fun Time Murder Time
    Fun Time Murder Time
    Having writers block... YAY!
  20. Bodes
    Bodes DrakkarTyrannis
    Nice album. Thought it'd be a bit of fun, but am thoroughly impressed! Been a very long time since I was hanging out in the goth scene, but can easily say your music would really have gone down well in that crowd.
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