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  1. akguitarmaster
  2. Leper
  3. Daddiikong
    Always on the move...
  4. Dave Bunker
    Dave Bunker
    Custom designer, builder of Touch Guitars, guitars and basses, artist, author.
  5. KnightBrolaire
    KnightBrolaire oracles
    Hey man I was wondering what pickups were in your old purple battleworn 070? I own the guitar now, and I know they're Avedissians but I can't find any info on which models they are exactly.
  6. Soubi7string
    its been a minute since Ive been on here.....or 6 to 7 years rather....
  7. Studiostriver
  8. Corporial Bodies
  9. lautaroxg10
    Im suffer from GAS but don't have money
  10. craig-sansum
    Gib VHT or Bogner plz
  11. asdasdasdasdasddjent
  12. KoS
  13. Sebastian O'Brien
    Sebastian O'Brien
    I'm a Rawkin Ma! Look no hands!
  14. theantarctica
    theantarctica bzhang9
    Hey man! Are you still looking for an Ibanez prestige 7?
  15. Dust_to_Dust
    Dust_to_Dust pearl_07
    Hey mate, hope you don't mind me asking, but how much did you sell your Mark V for? I'm looking to sell mine and trying to find a price
    1. pearl_07
      Hey bud, I got it sold for just under $1400.
      Jun 25, 2020
    2. Dust_to_Dust
      Thanks dude
      Jun 26, 2020
  16. Necky379
    Necky379 Drew
    Hey, how do I change the message under my avatar from regular to something more unique and obnoxious?
  17. KnightBrolaire
    bardcore is where it's at
  18. YNID
    Forgot my login for years lol
  19. Møkshā
    Momento Mori
  20. KnightBrolaire
    P90s are the shit