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  1. Kaura
    Kaura NotDonVito
    Naisu, yeah I still operate the forklift like a badass. I'm also once again trying to get back into a computer school and get through with it no matter how manny Undertale hillbillies I have to bear.
  2. Miko Del
    Miko Del
    Loving being a musician
  3. NotDonVito
    NotDonVito Kaura
    are you still a # badass forklift operator
  4. NotDonVito
    NotDonVito Kaura
    Yeah I didn’t even see that post on my notifications until I looked at my profile today Quick rundown: moving to georgia(state not country) in may, getting engineering degree cause I’m getting 2 old for this shit, ps1 hagrid sneaking up on me everyday, building a Minecraft server, in contact with aliens, generic shitty power metal 24/7
  5. Kaura
    Kaura NotDonVito
    Kek, I didn't even remember writing that last comment here. What are you up to these days? I haven't seen on you Steam lately, then on the other hand, I can't remember the last time I was on Steam myself.
  6. NotDonVito
    NotDonVito Kaura
    "This just in: 2 players join ROE server(it's peak in 14 months), scientists are confused."
    1. Kaura
      Has science gone too far!?
      Feb 15, 2020 at 5:55 AM
  7. sondich
  8. griff715
    griff715 blanco
    HI, I am the chap who sold you the Jaden Rose a few years ago. Sorry to bother you, would you be interested in selling it back to me, if you still have it... ?? Thanks very much !
  9. MaxOfMetal
    MaxOfMetal Veldar
    Sorry, Mods don't have access to do name changes. Only Alex can.
    1. Veldar
      All good, I'll ask him :)
      Feb 8, 2020
  10. Veldar
    Veldar MaxOfMetal
    Hi Max, any chance you can change my account name?
  11. MaxOfMetal
    MaxOfMetal _velkan
    1. _velkan
      thanks so much! cheers
      Feb 10, 2020
  12. _velkan
    _velkan MaxOfMetal
  13. Enter Paradox
    Enter Paradox
    On the hunt: good ol' plain black Tremonti USA
  14. Mechayoshi
    Living and rocking.
  15. Kaura
  16. Kaura
  17. Kaura
    Kaura NotDonVito
    Rings of Elytsium duo when?
  18. KnightBrolaire
    Black winter 7 + Mk3 = gnarly as fuck
  19. thejohnnewton
    Waiting on my seven to arrive...
  20. whisper
    Is this the way to the Country Kettle Buffet?
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