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  1. Tuned
    'Gibson wouldn't have had so much trouble if they just copied Navigators' ( C ) Yash Vardhan Tanwar
  2. Kaura
  3. BlackSG91
    BlackSG91 Ola Englund
    Hello Ola! I enjoy watching your videos and I think your Solar guitars are amazing! I have a 1989 Yamaha RGX Custom guitar that almost basically looks like your brand of guitars in the Super Strat style. Maybe one day I might develop an urge to purchase one of your fine instruments. I sure love my guitar more since your guitars are like mine. Keep making more YT videos and I'll keep watching. Thank you me friend!
  4. 27prblms
    who tryna collab?
  5. Aura Fragment
    Aura Fragment
    Instrumental/Ambient Metal
  6. JuanCoronado
    JuanCoronado Defrost
    HiI just fund this post from you:
    I've had a Powerball breaking down on me during studio recordings. Smoke, the smell of burning plastic and so on. There was a big burning spot on the PC board.
    The same thing happened to me last night, do you recall what had to be done to fix the amp? and is it fixed ok?
  7. Francisco Cresp
  8. Darkroom
    Darkroom 1b4n3z
    I know it was awhile ago, but did you ever end up selling that Mirage?
  9. KnauerKustomGuitars
    KnauerKustom - handbuilt guitars made in Germany
  10. drmayhem
    Planning 2020 gigs and next album
  11. Blynd
    Making custom guitar parts out of wood, acrylic, pearloids etc. visit my Facebook or Instagram!
  12. Geetarguy
    Geetarguy EXPcustom
    I have a Ibanez UV777GR I would like to trade for one of your guitars if you are willing.
  13. OverTonez
    Owner/founder of OverTonez Audio, we make a 300W 12" guitar speaker
  14. Big blue bottle
  15. McSheesh
    McSheesh skmanga
    Hey, do you still have those schematics of the Laney IRT Studio's bias probing points? You've posted them on the Laney Ironhearth Owners Thread a while back but their links don't seam to work anymore. Would be awesome if you could send me those because my IRT Studio broke down and now I need to rebias that sucker
    1. skmanga
      I should still have them in my email, ill check for ya.
      They were schematics for the IRT-30 thought, but I imagine they would be similar to the Studio.

      I am going to send you the full Schematic, and BIAS test point locations I received from Laney.
      Dec 29, 2019
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  16. Vuk Gligorijevic
    Vuk Gligorijevic
    Jazz Guitar Player, Based in Vienna
  17. Vuk Gligorijevic
    Vuk Gligorijevic
    Jazz guitar player,
  18. TheOnlyKtulu
    Fuhkin' waiting for the 9-er acoustic, lol
  19. TheOnlyKtulu
    Fuhkin' waiting for the 9-er acoustic ‍♂️
  20. tylerregh
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