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  1. CM_X5
    CM_X5 Talmaci
    Sold me a pickup and was super awesome through the whole thing. Great communication , thank you Talmaci!
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  2. Geetarguy
    Geetarguy JamesGrote
    Hey I live in Dayton! Still not considering any trades? Feel free to email me and we can swap phone numbers. My name is Adam
  3. nilenecrophagist
    Bristol, UK based guitarist
  4. Rxcoma
    I don't want presents, I just want to be present in the present in your presence
  5. Rxcoma
    Ready for it always
  6. Vegetta
    Moving suuuuuuuuucks
  7. Andy Reaus
    Andy Reaus
    Hi Newbie to this site, any ideas where I could obtain a Hybrid Guitar in the UK (North England) ? Thanks
  8. blackrobedone
    I stand by my disdain for the VHT UL . . . and history has vindicated me.
  9. thelastcell
    Following the sound in my head
  10. ethanwu00
    ethanwu00 chopeth
    I did not get anything until saw your post about Ran....I sent email to Ran, Waiting for reply
  11. Sollipsist
    Sollipsist mystix
    Looking hard at getting a Hyperion but I'm torn between 22 and 24 frets. What's your experience with upper fret access on that body? I'm going with multiscale & neck-through, so the cutaway is probably the only limiting factor...
    1. mystix
      Hi there. Sorry… I just saw this. I have an actually play the Hyperion but of the four or five other models that I have play, upper fret access is pretty good. Actually, Joe re-designed bits of this model recently including better upper fret access
      Jul 27, 2019
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  12. Bill P.
    Bill P.
    Locked out of my original account so had to create a new one! I’ll play noob if you all like lol.
  13. Giannis
    Giannis DrakkarTyrannis
    Hi guys it is some time that had passed . i am from greece i want one guitar like this . were can i buy one please help me !!
  14. Bob911
    Delete this account
  15. Vegetta
    I should be working...
  16. c7spheres
    c7spheres MaxOfMetal
    Hi, I just wanted to say I didn't mean to start an argument or fight or offend anyone on the 432hz thread. In fact, just the opposite. Sorry for any trouble. It was not my intention to have it shut down. I was hoping that people could just have a civil discussion about this stuff, but I see where it was going I guess with the new thread that was opened.
  17. Lucas Ray
    Lucas Ray
    singer, guitarist and songwriter for Lucas Ray EXP
  18. jovima69
    jovima69 stinkoman
    I'd like to take this bridge assembly off of your hands. Please let me know where to send the $. THANKS! Joseph
  19. But Doesn’t it Djent?
  20. beerandbeards
    beerandbeards glytch5
    1. glytch5
      ; )
      Jul 4, 2019
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