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    Hello! my name is Markus Kristoffersson and i make vocal covers on youtube, i'm looking for another youtube vocal cover artist to make a collaboration. basically we will choose a song together and we will decide how we go to for editing video and audio and such, i'm of course alking about pre-recorded covers with high-quality audio and video so if you're doing live covers or don't have decent software and hardware this might not be for you (sorry)

    this is my youtube channel where you can look at some of my previous covers if you feel the need to assess my skill or anything like that:

    as i said the song to cover is widely open for discussion and will depend on what we have in common as vocalists and what we're used to do, if you feel interrested you can send me a message here or send me an email at

    //Markus "Harsh Vocals" Kristoffersson:hbang:

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