Your top three conspiracies?

Discussion in 'Politics & Current Events' started by Jakke, Sep 19, 2011.

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  1. Jakke

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    Oct 1, 2010
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    So, I've been wanting to do something like rhis for quite a while, and seeing the great turnup in this thread, I think this can be fun:D

    So, the game is, list your favourite conspiracy theories, you can number them if you want, if it's an obscure theory you can, if you want, include a brief description. Let the game begin

    My favourites, descending order is:

    3. Government mindcontrol

    -This stipulates that all of us, or some of us, the "expertise" hasn't decided yet, are in short mind controlled by the government. Be it by microwaves, beams from satelites, through our TV, or through chips inplanted via vaccinations, the government is after you!

    2. Medical companies/the government/Illuminati/The Masons/The NWO poisons or adds mind control components to vaccines

    - The title says it all really, and it bleeds over a bit from point three, so I'll concentrate on the poison. People with no medical training (often) makes either claims that vaccines are poison to keep us sick, earning money for medical companies, or that they make children autistic for some nefarious scheme...
    As proof they claim among other things, that cancer did not exist before vaccinations, that autism has been rising in later years, and that you can't make the body healthy by inserting viruses (the whole principle of vaccinations).

    Aaaand the number one:

    1. Reptilian enteties

    -Some researchers, *cough*David Icke*cough* claim that a lot of people in power on this planet (the Bush family, the Clintons the british royal family and the Cheneys, among others) are not really people at all. They are reptilian shapeshifters, secretly pulling the strings on this planet, using us as slaves. What is the proof for this far fetched theory? There are none, the only source he cites is people who have seen this in dreams while they meditate... If I dream I'm Batman, does that make me batman? With this logic it does.
    The strange thing is how David Icke, or for that matters any conspiracy theorist, is allowed to live? Shouldn't the conspirators topple them off, before they could reveal too much?
    As for observational evidence, I've always thought Bush senior looked a bit lizardlike...

    So, these are my three favourites, what's yours?
  2. ROAR

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    May 6, 2010
    1. Djent
    -Purring came first believe it or not.

    2. That guy on Ancient Aliens with the crazy hair is a real person.
    -he's not

    3. Tosin Abasi is not an alien.
    -he is.
  3. eaeolian

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    Wow. So we post troll-bait in PC&E, and expect no ramifications?

    I guess my biggest conspiracy theory is that posting in internet forums makes you incapable of analyzing your actions.

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