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Discussion in 'Music Theory, Lessons & Techniques' started by FarBeyondMetal, May 9, 2012.

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    Hey guys, I want to inject some new badassery into my lead playing, so I came here to get some advice on scale sequences. I would like to see what scale sequences you guys use when shredding your ass off, so hit me up:metal:
    Any sequences are welcome, show me what you got! Give me some examples or links on anything that sounds killer!:hbang:
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    not very original... but I can't help but overuse Lydian #9 in some situations... just play your regular major scale with a sharpened 9th and 11th... though I think the better way to visualize it on the fretboard would be as the 6th mode of Harmonic minor though someone may correct me on this one... so if you have an Fmaj7 chord you can play Amin harmonic starting on the 6th scale degree, in this case F. Even though it's the same notes you'd be surprised how different your playing can feel just by changing the way you visualize the notes.

    Pentatonic licks, when visualized in multiple note per string stretches can sound really good as well and lend themselves well to odd rhythmic groupings because of the wide intervallic range.

    An example of this would be a Dan Mongrain/Shawn Lane inspired lick I play in one of my songs (ok so maybe a little more than just "inspired" :lol:). It's in 16ths but the pattern is broken up into clusters of 5.

     Played over Bbmaj7

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