Your dream rig vs. your current rig?

Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment' started by InTheRavensName, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. InTheRavensName

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    Aug 20, 2006
    Derby, UK
    Ugh...while I'm busily procrastinating...I thought I'd try a dream rig thread with a difference. What's your dream rig, what's your current rig, and why are they different? Price? Practicality? Go for it...give me something to read that isn't in Old English :spock:

    My Dream Rig:

    2x ESP Gus-600 Eclipses.

    Randall T2HH half stack.

    Wylde Wah/Wylde OD/Wylde Chorus/EVH Flanger/EVH Phaser
    (Good quality pedalboard/flightcases for everything).

    (Edited for the sig. happy awesomefest!)

    My Rig:

    Epiphone Zakk Wylde (Camo, stock)/PRS Paul Allender SE (Green/'09 stock)

    Randall V2
    Mode Four Cab

    Why so different:

    a) Price. The dream rig would cost several times what the current one cost me (More expensive axes, more expensive pickups, extra cables etc for pedalboard, more expensive amp stuff...yada yada)
    b) Practicality. The amp was for sale cheap from a friend of mine (less than half the price of the T2HH head on GAK), sounds good, it's consistent (no power tube changes etc), I'm not a big FX guy, and I'm rubbish with midi etc!
    c) Quality...Honestly, the rig I have now does me fine, I'm no Broderick, and I think my gear is about consistent with my level of playing, which for me at least makes me feel better.

    Anyone else fancy a go?
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  2. _detox

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    Mar 31, 2007
    Little Rock, AR
    My dream rig is the rig that I'm saving up for, actually.

    Current rig:

    -Schecter C-1 Blackjack
    -PRS Allender (you have good taste in guitars! :lol:)

    -Line 6 Spider II Head
    -Behringer 4x12 cab

    Dream rig:

    -Schecter C-1 Blackjack (finish sanded down, pickups replaced with BKP Warpigs)
    -PRS Allender (take the Duncans from the Schecter and drop them in)
    -Schecter C-1 ATX in aged white

    -Peavey 6505+
    -Mesa oversized 4x12 cab
    (road cases for both)

    -Boss TU-2 tuner
    -ISP Decimator noise suppressor
    -Boss DD-3 delay
    -Line 6 DL-4 delay
    -Boss BF-2 flanger
    -Boss SL-20 slicer
    -SKB powered pedalboard

    Still got a ways to go, but it'll be so worth it when I get it all together. :shred:
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  3. InTheRavensName

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    Aug 20, 2006
    Derby, UK
    To be fair, the Allender wasn't far off the SLS for me. Yes, the Jackson felt slightly better, but it wasn't worth nearly 2x the price for me personally.
  4. StupidDav

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    Nov 20, 2007
    Southampton, England
    My dream rig is coming together :shred: but I mainly have cheap taste :lol:

    Current rig:
    Ibanez RG7620
    BKP Nailbomb
    Boss SD-1
    Boss NS-2 (on the way)
    Peavey 6505
    Marshall MG100DFX (used as cab - flubby and sounds like dick)

    Dream rig
    Ibanez LACS :lol:
    BKP Nailbomb
    Maxon OD808
    Possibly an ISP Decimator G String
    Peavey 6505
    VHT/Fryette Fatbottom 4x12 & Orange PPC 4x12

    so nearly there, just need the rather expensive cabs, noise suppressor/gate and OD pedal.
    Wish I had monies :noway:

    Buuuuuuut might solve the cab issues with a DIY cab build :idea:
  5. DrakkarTyrannis

    DrakkarTyrannis WWSD?

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    Dec 19, 2007
    Current Rig:
    BC Rich Draco (X2)
    Customized Epi Goth Explorer (Rockfield Fat Ass in the bridge)
    Boss NS2
    Coffin Blood Drive
    Peavey DTX
    MXR Kerry King 10 Band EQ
    Vader 4X12

    Dream Rig:
    Pretty much what I have now with the exception of speakers in the Vader that handle recording.

    A Peavey DTX with KT88s

    (Amps just to have)
    FJA modded Peavey 6505+
    FJA modded Peavey 3120 (KT88 loaded)
    FJA modded Peavey Windsor
    FJA modded Peavey VTM120
    Krank Krankenstein +
    Splawn Nitro
    Mesa Stiletto Trident (KT88 loaded)
    FJA Modded Mesa Triple Recto (KT88 loaded)

    There isn't much difference. I'm happy with what I have and I'm getting the sound I'm looking for. I'd like other amps to play with, but my main rig pretty much stays like this. I got a Bloody Murder on the way and I'll see if I like it better than my Blood Drive, but that's the only thing I'll be changing anytime soon.
  6. Ckackley

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    May 9, 2007
    Martinsburg, WV
    Current Rig-
    Schecter Blackjack7 and Schecter Damien7
    Hush pedal
    Digitech RP500
    Tech21 DLA
    All mounted to a SKB powered pedalboard
    Mackie powered PA cabinet

    Dream Rig-
    Two Schecter Blackjacks with SD Blackouts
    Rackmount Hush unit
    Digitech GSP1101
    Mesa Duel Recto
    One Mesa 4x12 in an Isolation box and permanent mic
    In ear monitor system of some high quality variety

    The main reason for my current rig is transport and set up ease. My dream rig isn't too far out there to be obtainable I guess, but I'd hate to haul everything to a gig in my Yaris. :lol:
  7. groph

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    Jul 11, 2008
    Nova Scotia, Canada
    Current rig

    Jackson DKMGT w/ EMG81/85
    Stone age BC Rich Platinum Warlock, lord knows what pickups are in it

    MXR Smart Gate
    BOSS Metalzone

    Randall RM100 with Clean, Treadplate, and Ultra modules

    Homemade open back 2x12 with Celestion Seventy 80's

    Peavey Bandit 112

    Dream rig

    Peavey 6505
    Ampeg VH140C
    Crate GX130
    Marshall 8100

    Marshall 4x12 with Greenbacks
    Randall XL with T-75/V30 combo

    BC Rich Ironbird Pro
    Jackson DK2T

    Maxon OD808
    Modded BOSS Metalzone

    The "dream" rig is just that, a bunch of shit that would be nice to have around, like those three old school death metal heads and the Greenback cab, as well as the 6505.

    The RM100 of course serves me very well for a main amp, and I haven't yet figured the whole thing out yet, so I'm sure there's a wicked tone or two sitting around in there that will make any other amp I could possibly want useless.

    Cab-wise, here's where some improvement needs to be done. After school, when I'm working again, I'll be doing some serious saving for a cab, and I might even go all out and track down one of those XL cabs. Either that or something dependable like a Marshall 1960A and then look around for some Vintage 30's for a less than new price/trade for 2 T-75's.

    The pedals are very attainable. My friend's guitar teacher mods pedals, so I'm getting him to mod my Metalzone into a functionable boost, hopefully something like the Keeley modded ones Cannibal Corpse uses. If that works out well and does what I need it to do then there's no point in getting an 808.

    The guitars I have now suit all of my needs. The Warlock needs some work though. I'm going to stick an X2N in the bridge, get it re-fretted at some point (the first four or so frets have some wear, this guitar is obviously old and well used), get the locking nut replaced, replace all the gold hardware with black hardware, fix up anything that is rattling, block the trem with a tremol-no, add red bobbin toppers to the neck pickup and boom I'm good. It's kind of a project guitar that will improve steadily over time. First thing on the list is the X2N, last thing is a re-fret cause that will probably take ages and be expensive.
  8. asmegin_slayer

    asmegin_slayer cali-cornia bluffer

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    May 24, 2007
    Dallas, TX
    Current Gear:


    1991 Jackson Reverse Dinky with EMG 81/85's
    Ibanez Xiphos with Dimarzio Di-activators

    1991 Ibanez UV7BK with Blaze pickups

    Mesa Boogie Roadster w/ 6L6
    Mesa Over Size Cabinet w/ V30's
    ATA Case w/ 6 bay rack (can't recall the name)

    Dream Rig:

    I have such an expensive taste for great gear.

    PRS Custom 24's Wide/Thin Necks... Light mahogany..
    PRS Starla
    Ernie Ball JP7
    Ibanez CST
    Ibanez 8427
    Ibanez PWH
    Ibanez RGD
    Ibanez RGA 321FM
    Black Droid Guitar (love the unique woods and craftsmanship)
    Chellee Guitar (love there body shape)
    Suhr (some kind of custom)
    Vigier Supra 7 string
    Blackmachine B7 or B8

    I'm pretty happy with my Roadster but I do want to try the following.

    Diezel Herbert (maybe)
    Engl SE or Invader
    Orange Rockerverb 100 (want to try them out)

    Orange Cabs (love em!!)
    Vader Cabs (curious)
    Mills Cabs (curious)

    Want to really try some KT88's on the Roadster..
    Really want to try Bareknuckle pickups
    TC Electronics G system or Digitech GSP 1101 w/ Floor controller
    Amp Gizmo
    Furman Power conditioner and power regulator

    Final Piece which is VERY VERY IMPORTANT...

    A sports illustrated featuring Lindsey Vonn for the rack


    Why so different?

    Money of course. I'm still tweaking and finding and experimenting with different amps/effects.... "Gear Whoreism"
  9. Decipher

    Decipher Ibanez Enthusiast

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    Mar 4, 2007
    Calgary, Hellberta, Canada
    Dream Rig:
    -Bogner Uberschall (Rev. Blue) w/ Uberkab
    -ISP Vector SL
    -2 x Ibanez K-7 (each colour)
    -Axess Electronics FX1 w/Expander & GRX4
    -Trailer Trash pedalboard:black
    -Digitech GSP1101
    -Furman PFP-R & AR-15 II
    -Voodoo Lab Pedal Power's for rig
    -Evidence Audio cabling
    -Ibanez LF7
    -Eventide Timefactor
    -Dunlop Cantrell Wah
    -Korg Pitchblack

    Current Rig:
    -Rivera KR 100 w/ "seven" cab
    -Evidence Audio cabling
    -Furman PFP-R & AR-15 II
    -Voodoo Lab Pedal Power's & Ground Control Pro
    -Eventide Timefactor
    -Axess Electronics GRX4
    -Ibanez LF7
    -Digitech Whammy
    -EHX Small Stone
    -Korg Pitchblack
    -Dunlop CFH Wah
    -Ibanez K-7FB & RG2228

    My 'dream rig' realistically is about MIDI control and flexibility which in all honesty I have now to a certain degree, but things like the FX1 and the GSP 1101 would add alot more.

    I'm getting fairly close to what I want, but it's coming down to money as most of the stuff I am planning to aquire is $$$. Axess Electronics was done, but are in negotiations with another company to continue, so if they do I will be upgrading my GCPro to an FX1 and eventually add a Expander. The ISP Vector SL is also quite $$ so it's not too high on the priority list.

    As for the amp situation, I love my Rivera and don't want to get rid of it so the Bogner is just an amp I would love to own. Not high priority, but a future purchase.
  10. Necky379

    Necky379 Regular

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    Mar 14, 2006
    dream rig:

    dirty amp
    mod 5150->splawn 4x12 w/small block speakers
    mxr gt-od boost/isp rack decimator
    clean amp
    blackface fender bassman->music man 4x12 w/stock alnicos
    boss super chorus

    split by a whirlwind active a/b/y
    mxr blue box/mxr tremolo/mod cry baby in front

    current rig:

    dirty amp
    mod 5150->peavey 412m
    mxr gt-od
    clean amp
    don't have one, all i have is the music man cab (with a peavey butcher on top presently) and the super chorus

    i think my dream rig is pretty realistic and simple. the reason i dont just buy the shit is because ive got to many bills. but ive been putting away some money to buy the splawn cab. i figure i'll sell the butcher to help fund the upgrade. i had a silverface bassman modded over to black specs but had to sell it.

    i havent found my dream guitar. if it ever existed i'd want: gibson 7 string 26" scale sg w/passive pups, floyd rose'd, mahagony body, raw set maple neck w/wolfgang profile, 17 radius rosewood fretboard.
  11. MF_Kitten

    MF_Kitten Set up us the bomb

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    Apr 21, 2007
    Kopervik, Norway
    i don´t care to list guitars, because that´ll be ever-changing really. i´ll just say that i have the roter fanned fret 8 on it´s way and an RG 6 string, and we might see the return of my schecter 7 soon.

    as for the actual gear, i currently have:

    -samson 300W solid state power amp (stereo)
    -Rivera 2X12 with v30´s running in stereo
    -Pod X3L which i record direct with and use as a preamp with the rig above.

    for a live rig, i would love to have the same basic idea, but with better stuff:
    -Axe-FX Ultra
    -stereo power amp (Tube or solid state, depending on how good the power amp sim on the Axe-FX is)
    -VHT/Fryette cab with those P50 or whatever speakers, in stereo
    -Orange cab with some good speakers (idunno which, but not V30´s), in stereo.

    the Fryette one would be on top, and would be responsible for mainly mids and high end, since it´s very smooth and clear and stuff. then the Orange would be on the bottom, mainly for it´s fantastic low end and general nice sound, as well as it´s ability to project really well and add balls.

    and that would basically make me a happy man :)
  12. fretninjadave

    fretninjadave Seven String Samurai

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    May 20, 2008
    El Paso tx
    my Current rig :
    Mesa Boogie - Nomad 100 with kt-77 tubes
    Ibanez, 7620 Evo in the bridge ,bridge position Blaze In the neck
    TS9DX keeley modified ,flexi 4 x 2
    2x12 Marshal 1936 lead with celestions
    4x12 Rhino cab with eminence legends

    Dream rig:

    Blackstar series one
    VHT pitbull 100 ultra lead
    in a rack with a isp decimator and my tube screamer
    2, 2x12 and 2 4x12 Hardwood Mesa cabs
    (perferably spalted maple)
    Vik ,Duality with floyd Rose
    and a 24 fret 7 string jackson Roswell Rhoads.
    Especially the jackson
  13. ArtDecade

    ArtDecade Unhindered by Talent

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    Feb 27, 2009
    Joe's Garage
    My Rig
    Ibanez SZ guitars loaded with PAF-type Duncans
    Ibanez Tube Screamer (Silver Mod) x2
    Moog Low Pass Filter
    Victoria 5112 5w Champ -or- Swart Space Tone 5w Champ hybrid

    Dream Rig
    Same as above but with more Moog pedals :lol:

    I am very happy with my guitar textures. I like to cop Michael Schenker and Marty Friedman lead tones and this rig suits me just fine. I kick on the Moog Filter for Zappa-style fun. Personally, I would love to beef up my synth collection. I have a few Roland XP and Nord Lead units, but I would love to add:

    Access Virus B
    Linn Drum Machine
    ARP 2500
  14. nicholas7

    nicholas7 Regular

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    Oct 18, 2007
    bowling green, ky
    Current rig
    Ibanez Rg 1570
    Mesa f-50 head
    Avatar cab

    Dream rig
    I am pretty happy with my rig wouldn't mind a better cab
    maybe a mesa cab or orange.
  15. troyguitar

    troyguitar Regular

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    Jan 7, 2009
    Lawrenceburg, KY

    DigiTech HardWire Tuner
    DigiTech Harmony Man
    Boogie Mark IIC+ combo (domestic transformer, no simul-class)
    Boogie 1x12 EV-loaded extension cabinet

    7 string Parker Fly (Vigier 7 if we're thinking about things that actually exist)
    TC G-System (or maybe Eventide Eclipse or Axe-FX + MIDI floorboard)
    Boogie Mark IIC+ head with export transformer and simul-class (or a Mark V or Soldano SLO-100 or HR-50+)
    Another tube poweramp for stereo output
    Pair of decent 2x12 cabinets.
  16. robotsatemygma


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    Oct 9, 2008
    Minneapolis, MN
    Current Rig:

    ESP LTD M-207
    ESP LTD MH-300
    90's Epiphone Les Paul Jr
    SX SJB-62 4+1 Bass

    Bugera 6262 Head
    90's Marshall 1960A
    Random Power Conditioner and FX

    Dream Rig:

    Jimmy Foster Crescent City 7 string Jazz Box
    ESP LTD M-307
    ESP LTD MH-327
    '59 Gibson ES-335

    Fender American Deluxe Jazz Bass V
    Ibanez BTB-775PB
    Warwick Corvette $$ NT Ash 5 string

    Engl Invader 100 or Mesa Boogie Roadster
    Marshall 1960A (w/ V30's and G12T75's)

    Vox AC30C2
    Avatar 2x12

    Ampeg SVT-CL
    Ampeg SVT-410HE
    Ampeg SVT-15E

    Random Power Conditioner

    As you can see, I'm WAY off as of now! HAHA!:lol: Slowly but surely I'll hit it.
  17. ArtDecade

    ArtDecade Unhindered by Talent

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    Feb 27, 2009
    Joe's Garage
    I found piece of your puzzle on eBay, mate. You can get that much closer for just $40,000 US. :lol:

    Edit: Ooops. That was an old link. Back to square one!
  18. 6o66er

    6o66er Awful Jack-ass

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    Jan 6, 2009
    Phoenix, AZ
    Current rig:

    B-52 AT212
    ISP Decimator

    Dream rig (as of right now):

    RG7420 - I'm going to refinish, swap for an OFR, add a pick guard, throw in some BK miracle man pups, and re-board with Ziricote and 6105 frets

    RGA8 - w/808's or Blackouts

    Amp - not sure yet, but I'd like something along the lines of a modded 5150 with Vader cabs

    Upgrade to ISP G-string

    Pretty simplistic and straight-forward...but it will work nicely I think :yesway:
  19. Andromalia

    Andromalia Pardon my french

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    Dec 24, 2009
    Paris, France
    Current rig:

    Mesa studio preamp
    Mesa 20:20
    gmajor 2

    All of those are keepers and I dig my sound, will likely add a decimator instead of using the gmajor2 gate and that's pretty much it.

    Guitars now...where to start. :lol:
  20. widdlywhaa

    widdlywhaa Regular

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    Mar 8, 2007
    Chattanooga, Tn
    Current rig:

    Monster Pro900
    Korg Pitchblack
    Boss NS-50
    Peavey Rockmaster
    Rocktron Hush IICX
    Digitech GSP2101
    Randall RP2/200

    2 2x12 cabs loaded with EVM12S's
    Randall Jaguar 4x12

    Ibanez S7420
    Ibanez RG7321
    Jackson DK2M
    Fender Std Strat
    Sigma Acoustic


    ...... Actually pretty close, I'd like another DK2M or an RG550 to add and another S7420 in a natural finish, I'd also like a Rocktron Pirahna, either to A/B with the Rockmaster or better yet blend them!!!!!! :idea: and I'd like to get a wicked front ported cab to pull my EV speakers into....... carrying around two cabs (that are heavy as fuck) is kinda a pain.

    On a related note, if anyone knows where I can get a good quality front ported cab, unloaded for a good price let me know!

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