Yet another Islamic attack in London...

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    Ok, so your point is the violence of the religion is not related to the violence of the adherents to the religion. I would say that that would be paradoxical, but not impossible. Being that it is contrary to conventional wisdom, though, I think that stance would be impossible to defend unless you can either explain it with a strong philosophical argument or by using statistics (although the statistics part might even have too much wiggle room around it).

    The old religions with a violent god were utilized by ancient leaders to quell uprisings and chaos. Why did that work? Well, the basic argument to the ancient people was "behave or else Cthulhu will cast you into eternal suffering." Christianity and Buddhism, as well as some of the other newer religions are built off of the foundations of those old religions, but shift the paradigm from "god will crush you unless you behave" to "be a better person." Unfortunately, though, the message tends to get lost, and the millennia-old practices of violence persist, and sometimes, are justified by cherry picking some of the religious philosophies and sweeping the more important ideas under the rug.

    For example: Christianity. I hate picking on Christianity all of the time, but it's what's around me the most, so it's the lowest-hanging fruit. Anyway, Christianity is modeled after a man who chose riff-raff as his followers, preached non-judgement, non-violence, and, most of all, forgiveness, and yet, modern Christians, on average, are pro-capital punishment, pro-prison-for-drug-offenders, etc. Obviously there are many groups who are not that way, but, statistically, that's the way it generally is.

    Christianity should be a very peaceful religion. The gospels of the New Testament preach absolute forgiveness and non-violence. Jesus says it's not okay to carry out the death penalty. Jesus says it's not okay to exact revenge, nor to harm your enemies. But then, the gospels are not the only part of the NT. The epistles are the exact opposite, in spirit, to the gospels, with ordinances and laws about shunning people, subjugating women, etc. So, Christianity is not about the teachings of Jesus. Don't think that even for a second. It's about the teachings of Paul, the apostle who never even met Jesus. Who was Paul? He was a violent dude who killed Christians until he had heat stroke one day and decided Jesus was just alright, oh yeah. He then proceeded to spread the teachings of Christianity how he wanted.

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