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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by b0ristheanimal, Aug 19, 2016.

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    Hey everyone! My name is Gage, I am from Charleston, SC. Long time lurker, and I may have an old account here from a long time ago.

    I just dropped back into the 7 string game for the 4th time over the 13 years of me playing, this time I am actually prepared. I have owned a few ERGs over the years: Ibanez RG7321, Agile Septor 8, Ibanez Iron Label SIX27FDBG;
    I have always loved the idea of ERGs, but never have fully been able to realize the applications of such a thing. That has recently changed and I am very happy, although I do wish to change some things.

    I recently bought a pretty sweet Ormsby TX GTR in Azure Blue, and I love love love it. I can't take my eyes off of it. I would love to change the pickups to EMGs though, ideally. I'm just so used to them, its weird using anything else. Hopefully EMG will make some angled humbuckers eventually. It's my first multiscale guitar as well, which is such an aesthetically pleasing thing to me, its not that much different to play IMO. My other guitars are an 09 Carvin DC125 (Black w/maple fretboard, pretty basic), a 94 Jackson SDK Super Dinky, and a Fender Jim Root Telecaster that I have customized a fair bit, its unrecognizable as a Root model now hahaha.

    I play through a POD HD Pro X, with the following pedals:

    Digitech DT Whammy, EHX Memory Boy, TC Ditto X2, Malekko Charlie Foxtrot (Until i can get my hands on a reVolver), MXR 10 Band EQ, and a Holy Grail Buffer. Just recently got into pedals, and i am addicted to them as well.

    I like all kinds of music, but tend to gravitate towards heavier stuff. I like alot of death metal/grind, and i'm currently involved in a math/grind project out of Charleston that is influenced heavily by bands like Dillinger Esc Plan, Rotten Sound, Spastic Ink, Strapping Young Lad etc. Its hard to narrow down.

    I hope to enjoy it here, my activity will pick up as time goes on, I just thought it was an appropriate time to get on here since im getting into gear and stuff now. Thanks for reading!
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    Welcome to the forum

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