Yamaha THR10x + Amplifire Box = ? Amplifire users in general also welcome

Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment' started by pfizer, Sep 17, 2017.

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    Hey guys, any users of the Amplifire Modeler here? From what I understand, its basically a scaled-down version of an AxeFX since it uses the same tech, but is more for people don't want or need the insane amount of stuff in an AxeFX.

    I'm currently quite happy with my Yamaha THR10x practice amp, but I'm just curious as to how it would take an Amplifire box or if its advisable to use one on the Yamaha, since it has its own built in effects.
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    I'm not sure it uses the same "tech," as in the same code and such. People just seem to really like them.

    I'm sure it'll be fine with the THR. I'd probably set it "flat" and basically just use it as a powered speaker for the models and FXs in the Amplifier.
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    I have an AF3 and two AxeFx: Ultra + II. The AF3 does not use the same tech. The companies that make the unit are completely different entities and the products are developed independently.

    It is a great sounding little unit and I would expect it to be an upgrade from the Yamaha (which I understand is a fine practice amp) but IMHO even the older AxeFx I have is better sounding than the Amplifire and completely leaves it in the dust for FX. Some folks like AF3 as well or better but to me it lacks some of the feel, sounds less 'three dimensional' for lack of another term, and does not cover the whole spectrum of tones as well as the Axe and it is really not much of a contest (based on my fave sounds).

    But then again the Axes each cost $2K + new... so it is impressive to even be able to reasonably approach their performance at the Amplifire's size and price point. I've been very happy with it.

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