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    Just got my bloodstained bone pick. It looks pretty cool, it looks a lot more realistic than I'd imagined it would, honestly. The new logo design helps gripping the pick a lot, as I said to Winspear, he should make this new logo permanent. And it looks awesome in the red colour. The back of the pick is sort of sticky, in a good way that makes it feel like it's not going to slip at all, which is a real problem with me. Unfortunately, there's just a tiny chip on the top side of mine, but I can't feel it and it's in a place that wouldn't ever affect playability. Speaking of playability, I haven't actually gotten to use it yet since I'm at work, but it's pretty unique looking and it's my first bone pick so I might not even use it, just have it around because it looks cool. It's about half as thick as the Shiv I ordered when I'd first heard of these picks and I'll definitely be getting a custom Shiv pick with this thickness soon.

    EDIT: I've just tried the bone pick on my guitar, it gives a brighter, bitey tone to my sound compared to my other Winspear picks. If he brings these out again next year, I'm definitely ordering more.
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