When selling guitar, Required to disclose if original owner or not

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    I've had guitars that passed through over ten people that were still mint.

    I've had guitars bought from the original owner that were ass and reeked of tobacco shitsmoke.

    In this case the number of owners doesn't matter as it doesn't add any valuable information in regards to selling price and condition.

    I believe I understand the OP, it would be nice to know "this" particular guitar has been passed around SSO a lot. This fact wouldn't necessarily describe overall condition, but it does speak about playability.
    WHY is this guitar being swapped so often?
    If multiple members/owners aren't enjoying it enough to keep playing it, then maybe there is something wrong that is not being disclosed.
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    Doesn't matter. It's still a used piece of gear, regardless of how little it's been played or how many people have owned it. The part where the guy selling it is saying 'first owner' seems to me to be trying to make those words seem like they read 'brand new' and that's not the case.

    Whatever you have or have bought, it's still used and for the most part, used means 60% of new value....not MSRP, but NEW VALUE, meaning 60% (give or take depending on rarity) of what YOU PAID, or what I could pay buying it new. The reason for this is NO WARRANTY and NO customer support. The fact that a guitar has an MSRP of 7k doesn't mean a damn thing when everywhere that you can buy one sells it for 5k, WITH a warranty and customer service from the manufacturer. A fair price for that guitar would be 3k, depending on condition, which is usually documented by photos, vids, talking to the guy, etc....

    The fact that you're the 1st owner and it's sat in a case for a year would go a long way to help your price to some people, but if you've got another guy on the same FS page doing the same thing for $500 less, guess what? His shit is gonna sell and your shit will sit there, simply because in this instance yours is overpriced for the market you're trying to sell to...there's no reason for someone to pay $500 more for yours in even condition. There's not even any reason to pay $500 more for yours when the other one has two dings in it, unless you're a collector...you pay $500 less for two dings and you're a player, you're winning.

    This is borne out by the fact that you see guys that are selling Schecter JL7's (as an example) for $900 and they just sit there. Why would someone pay an almost new price for your used guitar, whether you're the first owner or not, when for $200 more they could buy a new one and be the first owner too? I've sold 2 of those guitars at under $800 and they went quick, both of them. Gear priced fairly always does as long as there's a market for it. Specialty guitars (8 strings, exotic woods, hand wound pickups etc...) are harder to have go quickly....I've seen OPs guitars and they're badass....but specialty guitars. Someone has to really know what they want to kick 5k for a guitar that they pretty much know for a fact they're only going to be able to sell on here if they don't like it. KxKs are monster guitars and everyone on here knows that, but I've seen them sit on eBay for months at a time, from the first owner.

    I always look at it as renting gear....we all have guitars that stay and never go anywhere; not for sale, sentimental value etc...but all the rest is renting, because you use them for whichever project you got them for and then dump them for the highest price/trade you can. I bought a nice 8 string a few months ago, used it for what I needed it for and sold it for $8 less than what I paid. That seems fair to me.

    This is NOT meant to rag on the OP or anyone else, just an opinion on what I see on forums every day.

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