What's the longest scale ERG you've played? Anyone play anything over 30"?

Discussion in 'Extended Range Guitars' started by Hollowway, Jul 23, 2017.

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    @Durero @Winspear

    Would you guys care to elaborate on Cycfi pickups. I'm not entirely sure of all the systems that these pickups can come with. My initial reading of his blogs gets me into geek overdrive even though I'm still wrapping my head around some of the concepts. The Nu multi are individual string pickups that can be arranged in any shape right?

    His concept of virtual pickups feel like just a matter of when not if:[​IMG]

    I feel that it's only a matter of time until there become pickup sims akin to Axe Fx and Kemper. Where you select something like Invader for a certain rhythm part, then switch to a PAF Pro for lead, and then like an Aftermath for the bridge. Obviously that's overkill but similar idea.

    Durero, could a full bucker take the place of a sliding rails system?

    Stacked single coils or buckers from the very edge of the bridge until the end of the fretboard? Then via software or foot controller you could activate which coils would be active on the guitar (patches from software). It wouldn't be as precise as a rails system since there would be minor spaces between the poles, but might be a compromise?
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    Is that overkill? A lot more has occured to me :D Such as a different pickup model for the treble strings etc. Haha, the possibilities are endless and it's very exciting. I can't wait to see Joels' software.

    -They all sound the same, full flat response. Aside from humbucker size picking up a wider area which results in a naturally bigger tone
    -XR are your regular mono pickups
    -The regular looking controls are for switching and tone functions as normal but with more control
    -Nu are single string to a multipin output. They can be grouped onboard but not necessarily recommended due to added noise
    -Nexus is the breakout box for the multipin cable to output each string on a jack
    -CV controls on the guitar would be used for Nu, output via the Nexus also. These can be used to control anything like pan, EQ etc via MIDI
    -Nu Duo isn't released and might not be for the above reason, they are for simpler two channel setups i.e. treble and bass groups of strings (to a stereo cable I think? May be wrong. Though it would certainly be possible)
    -There is an upcoming blade pickup configuration for fan frets, custom string spacing etc without having to worry about string position
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    The Cycfi stuff is basically a blank slate for tone, limited only by your imagination. It helps tremendously that he's working on additional resources that compliment it, including polyphonic tone shaping and effects processing. I'm just waiting for the Infinity system at this point...
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    The longest scale I ever played was a Crescent bass which was like 42" or maybe lower than that but the longest scale on a ERG Guitar is a 28" scale 9 string. I am thinking about getting a 30" 9 string or maybe 10 string (probably not 10 string though)
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    It's a simple 3 channel Humbucker custom made by Aaron Armstrong from Armstrong pickups. 1 channel for the 7th string, 1 for the 6th string and 1 for the top 5 strings. Each channel can be humbucking or coil tapped. The coils are really crammed in there and output is great. Separation is excellent.

    No hexaphonic pickup in there..just the Armstrong in the bridge and a Black Hawk in the neck

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