Want new 7, Scale length/tuning advice

Discussion in 'Beginners/FAQ' started by Tech Wrath, Sep 28, 2017.

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    I currently have an agile pendulum pro (82527) and I love it for what I do with it and having the multiscale really has been fantastic but I want to get a 7 to use and setup for a whole step down (ADGCFAD) as well as maybe GCGCFAD sometimes.
    For this, another multiscale guitar would be great but I really want to have a floating bridge as well and I'm not sure I'd be comfortable on a 27" scale. Would it be safe to get a 25.5" scale and just get thicker strings? I already play very tight on the low end. My 8 is tuned EBEADGBE and the top 6 are 9-47 (keep in mind the scale length) and I use a 63 for the low B and an 86 for the low E. (basically skinny top, really thick bottom)
    Anyone with small hands have a problem with a 27" scale? I know it'd be great for the low end but I feel like play leads and shredding would be quite difficult.
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