VOX Cooltron Brit Boost

Discussion in 'Gear Reviews' started by ManuelB, Jul 4, 2011.

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    As we all know, there are pretty many Boost-Devices on the market, but
    the Vox Cooltron Brit Boost just gives a new statement! It is the first "Pedal" I know that uses a 12AU7 pre-stage tube which can be powered with 4 AA batteries and reaches a usage time of 16 hours!

    This one Is equipped with 3 chickenheads and 2 switches on the top, an output and input jack on the back and obviously has a connector for a 9V power supply.
    You can set the gain, the volume and you can also set the tone.
    The first switch is for bypassing or switching this pedal on and the other one is for switching between full range and treble-boost mode.

    Picked it up at a local store for around 150€.

    AMAZING! What else can I say... This booster is pretty silent in it's noise level. I tried a few other boosters before but nothing was on this low noise level. With the switched on treble-boost mode your attack is really heeeaaavy. And with heavy I mean HEAVY! I run this one in a line before my Isp Decimator Prorack G and what I recognized is, that the Deci cuts the sound even more precisely than before without cutting the sustain when wanted. With the sound potentiometer you can model your signal to have more treble or bass.
    In my setup I always use this booster in treble-boost mode and cut the gain to a very low level because I only want to push my signal by giving it more power and strength without changing the whole sound of my amp (EVH 5150 III). This works fine!

    If you just want to tease out the maximum of your amp this thing will do a good job without adding an annoying noise level. Shure, it does add a little bit... but not that much like other boosters I tried. With the tone potentiometer you can slightly change the sound of your signal to make it more bass or treble orientated but without affecting the sound of your amp that much.

    I wasn't able to upload an image... sorry for that but the forum gives me an error.
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    i had one of these for a while. not bad pedals.

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