USAFA Candidate Fitness Test Training Tips?

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    Hey guys,

    My Senator made it official to me the other day that she nominated me to the United States Air Force Academy. WOOP! The application and paperwork is going well. However I will have to do a "Candidate Fitness Test", consisting of Basketball Throws, Pull Ups, Shuttle Run, Sit-Ups, Push-Ups and a 1-Mile run.

    I weigh around 200lbs, at 6,3. I could definitely lose a little weight.

    I have not tested the Basketball throws or the shuttle run (back and forth a few times between some cones). I can do:

    Pull-ups:11-12 (Average is 12)
    Sit Ups: 46 (Average is 81 in a two minute period)
    Push Ups:45 (Average is 62 in a two minute period)
    My 1 mile run right now is around 7:30. (Average is 6:30)

    I have come to grips with the fact that I will likely have to abandon my bodybuilding oriented training for the time being in favor of purely getting the numbers on the above mentioned motions and the run. How would you guys recommend setting up the training for getting these goals?

    I have until the end of January to get my scores as high as possible before I take the test and have my coach fill them in. Not a lot of time left. :lol:

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