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    Hello everybody!
    It's my first review.
    I'm russian, I'm not so good in english, sorry for potential mistakes))

    here's my guitar: US Masters Avada Regenberg custom shop.
    Got it on ebay few months ago.

    - Mahagony body with premium quality maple top, natural binding, transparent Blue blackburst,
    - Neck - ebony fingerboard, mahagony with maplecore. Unique feature of USMasters. You can read more here Advanced Set-Neck Guitar Features from U.S. Masters | Maplecore Neck
    - Sperzel locking tuners,
    - Blackbone nut,
    - Tonepros TOM,
    - Kent Armstrong pickups,
    - passive electronics.

    When I got it in my hands at first time, I was impressed by the beauty and harmony of the guitar. It's my first hi-end guitar and it's awesome.
    Maximum of comfort for playing in any position and any technique.
    Tons of tones, coil splitting make it very versatile, from Gibson to Fender sounds.
    Excellent for any style of music from pop to heavy/power, except of lowtuning metal like metalcore etc))

    Neck profile is closer to Gibson, but it's not problem to play fast solos and arpeggios.

    Guitar's weight is like Gibson LP, but if you have good wide strap - it's not a problem)

    Totally, Avada is really awesome example of custom guitar building and I can't find anything that dissapoint me.

    Price of new guitar in custom order calculator is 2800$, I paid 2/3 of this price for used Avada in excellent condition with case.

    So, I can recommend US masters for those who want versatile hi-end guitar.

    P.S. few photos and little home video at mobilephone's camera
    US Masters Avada Regenberg HiGain version by Boroducci - YouTube
    US Masters Avada Regenberg acoustic version by Boroducci - YouTube

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