UPGRAYDD!!! EZ-drum to SD 2.0

Discussion in 'Recording Studio' started by Ill-Gotten James, Feb 29, 2012.

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    With two D's, for a double dose of death to your hearing... :hbang:

    So a few months ago I began learning how to program drums with EZ drummer. I don't really use the preset fills and rhythms, but mostly just use the drum tones, individually placing hits as I create my mix.

    I saw in another recent post that SD 2.0, with metal foundry, is being sold on Amazon for a decently low price, which reminded me that I saw the same deal a few weeks ago, but did not pull the trigger. I'm satisfied currently using EZ drummer, but I also have trouble resisting a good deal.

    For those who have used EZ drummer and have upgraded to SD 2.0, has it made that much of a difference in your mixes? It seems like a great program from what I have read, but I also understand that it is more complex than EZ Drummer.

    Also, I have done a brief search to try and answer my question on my own, but if there already is a thread started that has my question, please direct me to it. Just to clear anything up. I did read the SD 2.0 Q&A's thread, so please do not direct me to that thread. Answer was not found there.

    Thank you
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    I'll take that ezdrummer of yer hands for ya :D

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