United Airlines To Retire 747 Fleet

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    Expected in Avation Circles for past two years, is on the back of the Delta doing the same over the past 3 years, once they reach 30 years old, they take them to the boneyard in Victorville, CA.

    With the likes of United, and others, buying new and more environmentally friendly, and more importantly cheaper to run aircraft like the B787 and A350, they will get rid of the older fleet ASAP as the profit margins are too tight on the old.

    Also with carriers increasingly flying more direct routes to/from the most profitable routes, and ditching the traditional fly to hub/fly from hub model, they need the best capacity they can on those routes, and the old B747/767/757/737s and old A300/A310/A340s are just not needed any longer. Especially when those hubs need the landing slots for carriers from international destinations carrying more and more folk on those routes.

    Sadly, we may be in the era that makes sightings of the B747 more and more rare in the skies above us, the 747-8 intercontinental will stay in the air, but by 2020 Boeing will only produce 16 of them a year, and by 2024 this will be down to just 4 a year. And by 2030 they will have ceased production. Make those sightings when you can, treasure the fact its a queen of the sky as the widebody will be the majority in the next 7 or so years.

    Those older aircraft could be your next drinks can or aluminium framed bicycle.
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