Undead Compilation Album (FFO: Metalcore, Deathcore, Nintendocore)

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    My name is Travis, and I am the organizer of "Undead”, a compilation album put on by Nintendocore Lives. We are a blog that is dedicated to posting current nintendocore releases, and our previous compilation album was a huge success.

    “Smash 64” was featured on Alternative Press, where the author described Nintendocore Lives as a collective "keeping the genre alive with their aggressive efforts of blistering chip-tuned metalcore.” Our current compilation "Undead" has great production quality, an array of different musical styles, and is themed for the month of October. The songs on this album are all horror themed, composed of ghostly melodies and equally chilling lyrical content, and are all based on dark or suspenseful video games.

    If you like deathcore I recommend Ghosts & Goblins by A Challenger Approaches.

    If you like metalcore I recommend The Bottom Of The Well by Glitch City Cafe

    Finally here is my own song I made for the album Heavy Rain by Are You Afraid Of The Dog/Starcutter it's djenty :) Thank you to anyone who checks this out! We all worked really hard on this 20 track compilation album.

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