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    Apr 26, 2012
    Just thought I'd do the obligatory hello thing...


    I'm Mark, I was on here before as MarkTorches, but I am no longer a part of that band (they never actually gigged in the end).

    I am a vocalist, I have been a part of HAARP (now The HAARP Machine)Scar My Eyes and The Wound Man, and am currently in Scar My Eyes (although dormant).

    I'm looking for a new band, preferably one that doesn't require me to travel TOO far to practice etc.

    Here are a couple of YouTube examples of my singing, I have posted these on here before, don't pay TOO much attention to the screams n these as they were both done really in one / two takes due to lack of studio time and myself concentrating more on the cleans.

    Hope you dig!

    Mark Lewis

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