Uberschall Channel Switching with Behringer FCB1010

Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment' started by metalhorse442, Aug 7, 2016.

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    Aug 7, 2016
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    Hey guys, first time poster long time lurker. I just picked up a 2007 Rev Blue Uberschall and all I have to say is omg tone! Currently in my band my live rig is an EVH 5150iii 50-watt with a TC Electronics G-Major2 in the loop going into a 4x12 with v30s, I am using a Behringer FCB1010 midi floor controller with this rig. The way I currently have it setup is the floor controller into the GMII and the GMII going midi OUT into the MIDI input on the 5150iii and it works quite nicely. I'd like to setup something similar with the Uberschall, but it has no MIDI in. I know the FCB1010 has jacks that support channel switching, however looking at the Uber's footswitch I'm a bit confused as to the best way to go about setting this up.

    TL;DR version

    -does the Uberschall need to have both the FX loop and channel switching controlled via footswitch, or can I just engage the loop using the button on the back and only use the channel select via footswitch?

    -Does anyone with an FCB1010 have any pointers on setting up amp channel switching off of one of these?

    -Bonus points: Do any GMII owners have any experience setting up channel switching off of the GMII to a standard 2 channel amp?

    Ideally I want to get to place of being able to run both amps for bigger shows (using one left and one right off the GMII), this should be feasible if I am doing the channel switching on the EVH via MIDI and the channel switching for the Uber off of either the FCB1010 or the GMII. Thoughts?
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    Congrats on the new acquisition, the Uberschall is a beast!

    You can just leave the FX loop on by using the button on the back of the amp. I've not ever used the FCB1010, but just looking at the rear panel, I presume you would just connect a cable from one of the switch jacks to the channel jack on the Uber and work that function into your presets.
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    I don't have a GMII, but I have an original G Major and used the control output on the back of the unit to change the channels/FX loop of my √úberschall. You will need a stereo female to dual mono male adapter, but otherwise there's no issue controlling the amp that way :yesway:

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