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    Jul 27, 2010
    ok, anybody pondering a purchase from TTM Guitars, here's my experience of them over the last 2 years.

    In 2008 I purchased 2 Devastators on Ebay as I was looking for something different and thought I would give them ago (as they looked like classic eighties rock axes), they advertise them as "made in the USA" and i thought ok i'll take the plunge and try them out, as the price was "too good to be true".. i had no problems receiving the guitars, a quick delivery to the UK, and the finish and build quality seemed ok... there initial set up was Sh*t however, but after I re levelled the frets, setting up the floyd rose properly, and a general set up, the guitars played really well, I have since changed the bridge pick up on both guitars....maybe that tells you what the pick ups are like over time... but all in all, after alot of setup and changing things they played, looked and sounded great, i didnt mind putting the work in as i got 2 really nice guitars at the end of it all.

    I then purchased a custom made "Peace Devastator" and paid in full in October 2009. They were all very helpfull and comms were great up until I placed the order and paid in full, then it went horribly wrong....

    I had not received anything, and after 3 months I enquired to the status of my order... i heard nothing back....I continued to email frequently and, yes they did reply once and a while, with the usual, " yes your guitar is in production, it'll be shipped in 3 weeks...after 3 weeks had passed i chased order, to be told there was a problem with the graphics and it would take a few weeks to sort, then guitar would be shipped asap... i had very excuse under the sun thrown at me during a 6 month period, from oh we got your guitar, but the body's damaged, so were waiting on a replacement... the list went on and on...

    Another classic from them was after 7 months since the order was placed was....What Guitar did you order? etc... I had resigned to myself that I wasn't going to get a guitar from then so i started threatning them legal action for a refund...there response was pick another guitar as the same value and we'll ship it asap... As im in the UK and overseas legal action can be tricky...i said...ok and i picked another guitar and asked them for a tracking reply.. two weeks later i chased them for the number etc and the said...your guitar was shipped 2 days ago, here's the number... it turned out to be false...

    they then contacted me a few days later and said heres the tracking number, this one was valid....

    After now 10 months of severe hassle with them....I picked the guitar up this morning...took it home and opened the box...and found that the neck was completely snapped at the looks unrepairable and tbh the overall build of the rest of it... is IMO a Joke... body hasn't been routed properly, pick ups not attached properly etc...hardware is much worse quiality than the first two bought in early 2008.

    Seems to me they've just sent me any guitar, so they can claim it was damaged in transit and i'll have to claim insurance...just to get rid of me.

    In hindsight I was really stupid to have ordered another one after the work I had to put into the first two...I feel totally ripped off and there's probably not alot i can do about it...

    Therefore if anybody out there is thinking of buying a TTM Guitar...My advice is DONT!!!!!!!! :noplease:
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    We've had a couple folks on here who have been dissatisfied with TTM. I honestly didn't think they were still around after seeing so much negativity around the net.

    This won't get stickied, and will probably be closed.

    \/\/\/ Understood Mike. :)
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    It won't get closed, but it *is* limited to only those that have had DIRECT dealings with TMM. Any chatter otherwise earns you a day off.

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