Tortuga Sasquatch germanium fuzz

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    Apr 20, 2011
    So here I am.I bought this Tortuga Sasquatch,a germanium fuzz pedal handbuilt in the USA via ebay and i came in 2 weeks.When I opened the box I felt like OMG! this thing is beautiful!So I bought some cables and I tested it.

    Ease Of Use: 4[​IMG]
    This pedal is a "normal" germanium fuzz.the controls are named according to a concept. "HOWL"is the volume, "GROWL" is the fuzz level,"FIND HIM" turns the effect on,there's a 2 way selector with "FULL" and "HUNGRY" modes.The "FULL" mode is a bass boost,and the "HUNGRY" mode is the bass cut. and that's the part related to the fuzz.My advice as a metal bass player is to keep "GROWL" to the max because it unleash a very killer distortion.Then,the special feature of the pedal is the freakout mode.It is a sort of oscillating signal that generates a feedback.You can engage the freakout mode by pressing the "MAKE HIM MAD" switch.You can control the amount of freakout with the "ANGER" knob.If you are directly plugged into the Sasquatch,you could control the freakout mode with you volume and tone switches on your bass/guitar. I had some problems with the freak out,because if your volume is setted too high it could really damage you ears :lol:.

    Features: 5
    Why? because it's hard to find a fuzz pedal that incorporates a feedbacker.
    The bass cut/boost is really useful and changes the sound immediatly,during the freakout mode too.

    Reliability: 4
    It seems really solid and it's built like a tank.Obviouslt i didnt tried out its resistance to fire :lol: but it seems pretty hardcore.

    Value: 5
    I spent 299$ (US dollars) for it (at the time 210 euros).I found that this pedal deserves them all.Handbuilt in the USA,number 114.The graphics on the pedal are great,it is a concept about the legendary Sasquatch,so it has designed the shadow of the Sasquatch with a forest in the background.

    Customer Support: N/A
    I didnt tried it yet (and that's good :lol:) but on the manual says this:
    "All Tortuga Effects have a Three Year Warranty.I want to be confident in the fact that your pedal will always work,so if you have any problem with it ("problems" do not include dropping it,backing over it with your truck or dropping it and backing over it with your truck) please contact an authorized Tortuga Effects Dealer or just contact me directly and I'll get it taken care of." :lol:

    Expressivness/Sounds: 5
    The Fuzz is killer,with the bass boost it is good for sludge/drone/doom and post metal, and with the bass cut it works well with almost everything.
    The freakout mode is something really new in the world of pedals.It works in a totally different way than the boss DF-2.It is on his own,no pressing of pedals for sustain or other things.It creates an enormous range of sounds.
    Back on the fuzz,it works good on the low frequencies as on the high ones,it work good with my low B,and soon i'll try with drop A.

    Overall Rating: 5
    Great pedal.I'm proud of the money I spent for this great fuzz.It has given me inspiration for some cool riff too. I damn love this fucking pedal!Cant get enough of it. :bowdown: to the builder,Matt Johnson.
    here the link to his website: Tortuga Effects
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    That looks really cool man.

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