The Venus De Melos - "Aloha" Guitar Playthrough (XEN Evolution 6 guitar)

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    My project The Venus De Melos dropped its Sophomore album "Fatty (Deluxe Edition)" last week and here is the guitar playthrough for the single "Aloha" off of it! I would love your opinion of the music/video; All feedback is welcome!

    Here is the link (just in case the embed doesn't work):

    If you enjoyed what you heard you can listen/download the entire album here:

    You can find more about XEN guitars here:

    All of the sounds on this track/album were written, played, recorded, programmed, mixed and mastered by me (with a few exceptions mentioned on the Bandcamp page).

    If you do find the time, feel free to check out any of our previous albums as well.

    Thank you for your time,


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