The realities of socialized health care: share your experiences

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    When I was in an accident and needed surgery, prior to Obama's presidency, I was financially ruined by the cost, and it wasn't even a special procedure in any shape or form. My employer dropped my insurance anyway, and the insurance company refused to pay, so the insurance company was not the problem, either. What was the problem, was that, for about an hour of his time, I had to pay the surgeon $3500, and he was the cheapest surgeon around. $3500 is a lot of money, but that's just the tip of the iceberg, as I had to pay an anesthetist $2000 to not even properly anesthetize me, I had to pay the hospital $4500 for the room, $1500 for needles and IV bags, $800 for drugs, etc. etc. When it all added up, it was nearly $30kUS. But that wasn't even the end of it, as tons of weird bills kept popping up, even years after the surgery. Everyone was demanding money from me, even the company who disposed of the medical waste, despite the fact that I paid the hospital a medical waste disposal fee. And there was no accountability for any of it, meaning that I had no way to challenge this bill from a medical waste disposal company that came to me nearly three years after the surgery.

    The Affordable Care Act was like a bandaid on a severed limb. The issue is that, in the USA, at least in the 2000's, not only is there a health care industry, but there are all of these little industries that don't rightly need to exist as highly lucrative industries - Health Information Technology, Healthcare Billing and Collections, etc.

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