The Panama Papers

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    Fun that Putin isn't mentioned anywhere in those 11.5 mil documents, yet his picture was shown on several major main stream news outlets.

    Also interesting that the Panama law firm took part in setting up some 1030-40 businesses in the US, yet the 'leaked' documents refer very few links to the US.

    I find it unlikely that so many news organizations and journalists could've gotten the huge 2.6TB dataset, allegedly about a year ago, without these huge transfers getting noticed, considering the extend of monitoring of the wibbly web. Maybe someone ran around with disks in the pockets, handing out the stuff ;)
    I bet this is a staged leak, intended to create specific results. Just don't think too much will really come out of it, other than a few [intended] rolling heads and the controlled press having a blast for a while.

    I was not at surprised when hearing about this; a friend mine some 15 years ago owned a piece of land in Venezuela, and had traveled a fair deal in central/south America, including Panama, and told stories about these things going on back then, so..
    Panama, Djibouti, Cayman Islands, Channel Islands, Singapore, Z├╝rich/Basel..
    So many deserving faces, so few cream pies..
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    Same here dude. Plus this is just the tip of the iceberg. From one lawfirm, from one country. Imagine what else the super rich are hiding?

    This is why I like Sanders. I accept the fact that he isn't a perfect candidate, but he is the only contender who will actually attempt to stand up to the super rich and say "enough is enough", we don't have to tolerate this behavior, and we will not tolerate it. The world is not just a playground for the super rich, its a shared resource that we all have to care for. They can't just reap all of the benefits our society has to offer without paying their way forward. By the same logic, I have no problem with having wealth taxes. Those who live the best live our society has to offer, should pay proportionally at least as much in taxes as the average worker, if not more, in order to keep the system working properly.
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    i dont know how many people noticed, but a lot of the people on this list are public or government officials hiding the wealth they made off their country in other corporations around the globe.

    im going through the "power players" section atm and most of the people are high ranking government officials or family members of said officials. not seeing a ton of CEOs.

    these aren't corporate citizens, they are corrupt leaders.

    i direct you to this site: Research - CPI - Overview

    see how many correlations there are to the "players" above.

    that being said, if you live in the US and are very rich you get taxed at almost 50%. if you claim taxes from investments you pay taxes twice. with that in mind, i want to preserve the 50% i make rather than have a couple DC acolytes think of new ways to spend more money.

    see above. unless he taxes the entire DNC your point doesn't seem to apply to corporations he rallies against.

    ^ THIS. everyone can say "let's do something about this!" but what's the real solution? sacking presidents of third world countries???

    these "leaks" aren't as earth shattering as they are presented online. and given the news entities they used to publish the info, it sees to me like a bunch of poor man's pro publica are trying to make a name for themselves.
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    Well, now the PM of Iceland says he didn't actually resign. Just taking a little time off. Good lord. He must have seen that the world didn't really care, and that no other leaders were getting in trouble, so he walked back his resignation. People need to keep up the pressure on these guys. This is just ridiculous.

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