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Discussion in 'Beginners/FAQ' started by Idaho, Aug 5, 2012.

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    Jul 26, 2012
    I've notice a bit of fret buzz and I'm not sure my guitar has ever been set up as I got it 2nd hand.

    Anyway it's in desperate need of a clean anyway so do I take the strings off and clean it then get him to restring it when he sets it up? I don't really want to take a filthy guitar along with me. Or is it one of those "to be expected" type things?
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    If I showed you pics of some of the guitars I've had to work on you'd probably vomit. I'm talking caked on gunk and dried sweat, and that's not even counting the beer stone and cigarette ash.

    Unless your guitar is absolutely disgusting, the tech should be just fine. Most folks bring in their guitars with some dust and dirt, it happens.

    Just wipe your guitar down with a simple polish cloth and the tech should be more than happy to work on it. Some techs/shops will charge for a minor cleaning, but it's usually REALLY cheap and worth it.

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