Stephen King recommendation?

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    The Dark Tower 2 - 4 (4 being the highpoint for me) are all fantastic stories. 5 really drained me reading through.

    He's a great story teller, but not a great writer, but he does have an enjoyable, easy reading, visceral style. And I do feel that easy readability is an under valued quality.

    I can't recall most of the titles of the books I have read, but I generally find most of his work (that I have read) enjoyable.
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    I would definitely finish the Dark Tower saga. As stated above books 2-4 are fantastic books.

    "IT" is definitely worth reading too. Such a great book. A lot of it focuses on the New England area itself.

    "The Talisman" was awesome...but I'm in the minority who liked "Black House" (the sequal) even better.

    I recently read one of his newer books, "Revival" I really enjoyed that one as well.
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    Most of these recs are giving you the "best" books by him instead of what you asked for, which is less trashy and/or blue collar. I don't know if he really HAS anything "classy." His dialogue in particular tends to be really blunt and often downright bad. His actual stories (and how accessible they are across all demographics, I guess) tend to be what makes them so popular.

    I think "The Dead Zone" and maybe "Pet Semetary" have characters that are meant to be a little bit more intelligent instead of a bunch of foul-mouthed (if often likable!) idiots. They both have pretty focused, solid stories as well with a minimum of the bizarre digressions that he's known for.

    If you're just curious about his best stuff, regardless of what you asked for, I guess "The Stand" is probably what you should go for first.

    "It" is a gigantic mess. I like it, but you will absolutely react with disgust and head-shaking to the frequently terrible dialogue and nonsensical interludes that get thrown in there. Oh, the bully and his buddies are all jacking each other off in the dump? Oh, the guy out to catch and rape/beat his wife frequently has his boner described? Yep, that all got past the editor, because it just HAD to be 1100 pages and none of it was disposable!!! it's not just a sexual thing, those are just the most pointless scenes I can think of off the top of my head. The dialogue and horribly artificial way characters interact are bigger problems. You could have a drinking game based on how many times characters "throw their arms over reach others' shoulders."

    IIRC Eyes of the Dragon was pretty good. The Shining was pretty decent, although I think the film made some good decisions in tossing out some of the material and also had a better climax/ending. Most of the ones with famous movie adaptations are pretty good, but some I think are legit inferior to the movies. "Carrie" in particular.

    The most fun books, which I've re-read the most times, are "Night Shift" and "Skeleton Crew." They're most definitely loaded with trash and bizarre ideas, but they all go past so quickly and they work really well in bite-sized form instead of being a long book that suddenly has something that doesn't fit.

    "The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon" is a good short one.

    EDIT: The Talisman is quite good except for another weird fascination with describing bad guys' penises. Also, it was only co-written by King.

    The Dark Tower's first four books are pretty great, especially the fourth. I still wouldn't recommend reading them all, since they're a gigantic time investment, I really don't think the first three are on par with his best work, and almost everything I've heard is that reading the last three might just make you mad.

    EDIT 2: Someone gave me Revival for Christmas. It's good, huh? I'll have to read it. I was a King diehard way back in middle school (I think the most appropriate age for him), but I sorta stopped bothering to keep up around 9th or 10th grade. And since he releases like 2 books a year, now it's an insurmountable task!!!
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    IT. Flaws and all, it's so, so awesome.

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