Space Queen - "Gravity" (Debut Single) - 'Djenty', Ambient, & Brutal [420]

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    Hey all! It's been a hell of a while since I've posted but I have been an avid reader on the forums for a lonnnnnnnggggg time. It's kinda like the newspaper for a metalhead :hbang:

    So, my band just released our first single and we're just looking to spread the word by every means possible by engaging new fans as we prepare to hit the road within the next year or so. Our debut EP is scheduled for release at the end of Summer 2015.

    FFO: Volumes, Tesseract and Northlane

    Djenty, Progressive, Ambient and Brutal = broOtiful :shred::hbang:

    Like our page at at

    And be sure to download "Gravity" FOR FREE at

    Stay Spacey! :metal:

    Oh, and let us know what you think!

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