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    Wasn't sure where to post this.

    Does anyone here have Sibelius and would like to earn a bit of cash?
    Since I am tabbing a whole album I would like to save some time where possible. One track was tabbed in Finale as separate files for each instrument, but I want everything into one Sibelius score (template provided). The other thing to do at a later date will be to "proofread" it against the original MIDI in order to look for mistakes.

    Interested? Let me know your rate per hour (or for the job once you see how much work it is).

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    Although Sibelius is not the program I would use to notate your material, I have had plenty of experience transcribing whole albums before, note for note, and including every instrument (refer to my posts on "Animals as Leaders" and "Sikth" discography) along with other paid work to transcribe.

    It is definitely tedious work, and is usually NOT cheap. But if you are serious about getting this done, and mean complete business, we can most certainly work something out.

    Message me with a little more info.

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