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Discussion in 'The Workbench' started by Digital Black, Oct 10, 2004.

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    May 6, 2004
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    Bareknuckle Nailbomb 7 (Bridge), custom rewould single coil 7 and Cold Sweat 7 (Neck) in basswood (RG1077xl)

    Nailbomb 7:
    This is the alcino5 version, can also be got in ceramic. Very clear, but punchy and aggressive while still retaining a smoothness across the whole pickup. Makes a lot of other pickups I've tried sound compressed. It's very open and breathes really nicely. DIstorted it has a nice high mid/treble bit that isn't annoying like the JB7 can be, as it has a smoothness to it. The mid range really cuts through, and the bass is tight while still retaining character. Harmonics do just leap off with ease. One thing though, is that because of it's clarity it's a less forgiving pickup than some, you can really hear if you muck up and there's no hiding. When palm muting has that nice crunch to it, and handles fast picking on the low strings well. Not as focused as say a lundgren, but still very clear, and with a good amount of life to it.

    With clean tones although it is a hot pickup it doesn't distort. Very spanky, with that nice vintage-like alcino goodness. When split you get that really cool bridge single coil sound. ABsolutely gorgeous, you can mess around with the clean sound for hours, and this is coming from someone who gets bored with clean sounds really easily.

    Cold Sweat 7:
    Also alcino 5. The best way to describe it is that it's very fluid, but with a bell like single coil overtone to it. Kind of almost the thickness of the air norton, but with less spread. It's kind of hard to describe, but it's a gorgeous neck pickup. Leads do just punch through, and I found that I could even get away with playing rythm on it. It's also a lot easier to hit pinch harmonics and naturals harmonics and stuff with it, as some neck pickups do lose that screeching sound you get with the bridge pickup. Not to say it's trebly, but just that I reckon the single coil vibe of it helps to pickup. Again, you'll hear mistakes you make a lot more with this pickup.

    Clean, well, not as sparkly as the nailbomb, but well rounded. As with the nailbomb this thing sounds amazing clean, it's kind of like the notes leap off the guitar and sing. Just inspirational sound wise. Split it just sounds awesome.

    Custom Rewound Single coil 7:
    I sent tim at BKP the stock new7/whatever the fuck single coil 7 that came in the 1077. Whilst he couldn't redo the magnet (shame, but apparently it is a weird shape) he did rewind it. While technically not a bareknuckle, the job he did is still awesome and makes this sound a hell of a lot better than it did, in fact, night and day better. And whilst not a production pickup, well worth mentioning as it was rewound to make a set with the NB and CS. Basically, this thing sings. Split with the coils of the humbuckers, the mix of alcino and ceramic really is spanky and very hendrixy in the bridge/mid pos(2) and, well, gorgeous in position 4 :D I'm not too familiar with clean sounds, but suffice to say that I actually really love the sound of the mid single on it's own now, it's no longer a bit useless like the blaze single coil. In fact, I think all my single coil blazes are going to slowly get shipped off to tim, as for the price of less than a new dimarzio (in the states) and for half the price of a new one in the UK you can get an awesome sounding pickup, especially as choice for single coils is limited for 7stringers. Hell, this thing even sounds cool distorted for leads which I'd never have though it would.

    I couldn't be happier, and they just really do make all the other guitars I have bar the LACS (which is swamp ash/maple) sound a bit dull and lifeless. The set I got compliments each other very well, and with the humbuckers split with a push pull pot and 5 way wiring it's given me 7 distinct usable gorgeous clean sounds. For the distorted arena, I have all the nuts from the nailbomb and the silkiness from the cold sweat and all the split tones in between, however for distorted stuff I pretty much just use the neck and bridge pickups.

    A few other things:

    exactly what this many says.

    The good:
    - Sound amazing, and if you are in europe, the slight extra cost compared to dimarzios is more than worth it. I'd actually be happy with them if they were 50% more than they already are.
    - The rewound single coil is a revelation. I was worried about having to route out bits of the guitar to fit other single coils, but turning swine into pearl and having it calibrated to the set is awesome. Very very pleased.
    - Superb build quality
    - Excellent value for money. Trust me.

    The bad:
    - Once in one guitar you'll find yourself trying to think of a way to get them into all your other guitars.
    - For US residents they are expensive, but, not much more than the Seymour Duncan custom shop from what i've read... But even then, i actually think that even for the price they are an absolute bargain for a handwound hand built pickup as part of a calibrated set (calibrated sets work out cheaper). And it's worth it. Just as much as buying an expensive head is.
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    Sep 9, 2006
    Well I got a k7 about 4 days ago and it has a blaze neck in the bridge and the original paf7 in the neck. Note this is in Mahogany bodied guitar.

    PAF7- neck
    Cleans: This pickup is :drool: . On a clean setting (JC120 on my cube) with slight delay and chorus, this pickup rocks. Its very clean and has a nice classy vibrant tone. It is also very smooth on clean, unlike the AN7, which I found could sound clanky and sharp on clean.

    Low Gain: Tried it out with the plexi model on my cube. It really sounds good. Very bluesy like and great for soft rock kind of stuff.

    High Gain: This pickup officially is now my favorite neck pickup. It has some nice blaze neck like tones, but really nice. It just rocks!!

    Blaze Neck - bridge
    Cleans: Its quite alright for this. However I find I usually use the neck or neck+bridge for cleans. The tone is nice with some nice chorus/delay.

    High Gain: This is where this pickup is :metal:. It is so articulate and clear due to its low output that even with high gain on my pedals/amp, I can hear every note in chords! Its got great midrange and the low end just is soo tight. Its almost like a better evo!! Can't believe I just said that but yes with new strings I put on last night - this pickup is sweet.
  3. necronaut

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    Jan 15, 2008
    I bought a RG7321 recently. So many people say the stock pickups aren't that good. I wondered if someone with a wider experience of pickups could tell me how you would describe the tone with the stock pickups compared to something more expensive and why they're deemed bad?
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