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  1. syndrone

    syndrone Gear Fetish Boy

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    Nov 23, 2010
    BS, Switzerland
    Hey guys!

    Basically, I love the fact of having a seventh string. It`s just awesome, it led me to this forum as well, etc etc..
    But if i am honest, a seventh string on a 25.5" scale is pure shit, except you play it on B standard.
    Who does agree with me on this? thanks! :agreed:

    Talking about an RG1527 though. Lots of people here told me, it`s one of the "better" 7 strings available (so no Agile or low range Whatever Other Brand).
    Now, since months i am trying to get my 7 string to work on a low tuning, WELL, not ultra low, only A standard. But I cannot intonate it so it really satisfies me. All other 6 strings work super good, but the 7th string is physically not possible to intonate in a satisfying way regardless of the string gauge (if you ask me). Right?
    Tried 58-72, everything in between, either it was just floppy + unusable, more or less good playable but still shit tone and intonation and LOTS of fret buzz, or it was just WAY too hard and STILL shit intonation and tone was crap (and still fret buzz like hell). has nothing to do with the frets themselves though...
    I am pretty good at setting up normal guitars like a pro, but maybe not with 7 strings because there is a trick? I would like to know that trick from you 7-pros please? :squint: :lol:

    Seriously, i want to go down to drop G, but putting on a 80 is silly if you ask me. Don`t want a baritone or tanned frets... i cannot afford it atm anyway... :(
    How the hell do i manage to have that tuning with good playability, good tone and not ultra fret buzz?
    Or is a baritone the only real solution for this? Can`t understand why they still produce so much 25.5" 7strings.

    And last but not least before i apologize for that long post and all the bad words:

    How the hell can Ibanez be serious and give out an 8 (!!!) string on a 25.5" scale? that`s BULL****, sry. :realmad:

    Ok, apologizing now. :lol:

  2. tat2sbylolo

    tat2sbylolo Tattoo Artist here!

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    Jul 3, 2011
    Minneapolis MN, U.S.A.
    I thought the ibby 8 was at 27" ???
  3. Darkstar124

    Darkstar124 Strongman

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    Oct 7, 2010
    Chicago, IL
    yeah, functionally its pretty bad...but I also just bought the new ARZ307...which is a 25" even. And I keep that sucker in G. I don't even know anymore.
  4. Razzy

    Razzy [10]

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    May 29, 2010
    Amarillo, TX
    I prefer 25.5" scale on 7-strings. I run in drop A with a 10-46 set, and then a .060 for the low A, and it's always been plenty of tension for me. :shrug:

    Also, I don't think Ibanez makes a 25.5" scale 8-string. Both of their models are 27" scale lengths.
  5. CRaul87

    CRaul87 Regular

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    Feb 23, 2011
    Romania, CT
    I got an rgd2127z with 26.5" and frankly for me that is the perfect scale length, not too long so that you can't play shit and honestly better in almost every aspect than 25.5"... better intonation, tension and it's not so damn crowded in the upper register as it is on a 25.5". I use 10-46 and 60 for my low 7th string and tune it to G# C# G# C# F# Bb Eb that being low to high.
  6. MaxOfMetal

    MaxOfMetal Likes trem wankery. Super Moderator

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    Aug 7, 2008
    Milwaukee, WI
    Not really. I've tuned as low as F# on my 25.5" scale guitars, and as low as F for clients and friends. I've even tuned 24.75" scale guitars as low as G with zero problems with tone, playability, fret buzz etc. In fact, even though I've owned 26.5", 27", 28.625", 30", and fanned fret instruments, I can honestly say 25.5" is my favorite scale, until tuning around F# and G, there I like 27" a bit better.

    The RG1527 is one of the better production 7-strings available from a materials, hardware, and overall build perspective. Trust me. I've owned four of them. :lol:

    Having intonated many a guitar (not just 7-strings) to A at 25.5" scale, I can't see why you're havving so many issues. :scratch: How are you going about setting up your guitar? What kind of tuner are you using for intonation.

    For the record, you're NEVER going to get the intonation perfect across the entire fretboard on a traditionally fretted instrument. It has nothing to do with scale, tuning, or strings. Physics simply won't allow it.

    It really sounds like a setup issue, unless there's something wrong with the guitar. How do you go about setting up your guitars? What tools do you use? How do you measure neck relief, nut height, action, etc.?

    You shouldn't need an .080. Though, tenstion is all about preference.

    By setting the guitar up properly. Though, just curious, how hard do you usually pick, and what string gauges do you prefer for E Standard?

    I'd investigate the instrument and your setup methods for buying a whole new guitar. That being said, you just might like higher tension, and have a heavy pick attack.

    Because some of us know how to set up our guitars and pick properly. :flex:


    O RLY? Which one? I know both the RGA8 and RG2228 are not 25.5" scale.

    I guess you not checking is bullshit. :lol:
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