Season's End reform for a gig in Alton, 15th Oct

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    We're ten, and we're having a party. The bar has been host to thousands of bands but there is a core set of people that have really made a difference, so we asked them to come and celebrate with us. Some of these bands have re-formed especially for the event - and all of them have shaped our musical tastes, friend-groups, lives and been there at the times that mattered and live on in memory today. Big Red Ass are also ten this year and we can't wait to close the night with a good ol' dance with them.

    Season's End are reforming for this gig. It'll be the first time they've played in years and we're incredibly grateful that they are taking the time to do so for us.

    All money raised will go to charity to the building housing the gigs to help with their incredibly varied projects from nursery age care to feedng the elderly and everything in between. Every gig we put on helps funds these causes which is the best aspect of the venue, we love being able to do so. There will be food, extra special treats all day, surprises and drink offers to make the party as much fun as we can do. We'd love to see as many of you as possible, watch this space for further announcements.

    Bands playing are:

    Big Red Ass
    Local ska and party heroes

    Season's End
    Highly successful metal band reforming for our gig.

    Rubber Thumb
    Jake Archer and the Glazier brothers repping themselves, Entro-P and Cubrik in one swoop. Expect groove a-plenty.

    Remember the Orange Goblin gig? These guys are heroes.

    Ben & Amy
    The Turks come and confuse us as only they can.

    Climb the Attic
    Hugh and Callum show off their new project post Parallel Ground.

    Alternative Carpark
    Stalwart favourites, providing every genre at once.

    The Heinous Squid Big Band
    A mis of the Heinous Pianist and Squid Resist boys. Requisite for this gig, our original friend group at the bar.

    Omni-present, evolved in front of us. Classic metal/rock.

    The venue is here:

    The Lounge Bar
    Amery St
    GU34 1HN

    Doors are 1pm, tickets are £7.

    Let's party like it's 2006!

    More info here:

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