Searching for new set of pickups for my 6 string

Discussion in 'Pickups, Electronics & General Tech' started by BurnInNeverland, May 14, 2016.

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    Currently in the market to replace some pickups in my Kiesel Vader 6 string. It's all koa and I've been looking at bare knuckle pickups, the nailbomb, warpig, or holy diver in the bridge and a coldsweat in the neck.

    The sound I'm trying to target is a a super thick juicy full smooth huge sounding chords when in overdrive (warm but not muddy), that can be versatile enough to clean up some to a crunch setting with volume knob adjustment. I like how clear and smooth hi gain leads sound on the cold sweat. Cleans are not a priority but the pickups will be wired to split the coils and for a twang/sparkle tone.

    I have bare knuckle pickups stuck on my mind, but are they worth the price? Or are there other pickups out there that can rival bareknuckle? Anyone have experience with these pickups? Any advice or input would be appreciated.

    Planning on running it through an axe fx II once I order one here soon.
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    I have a Cold Sweat neck, a ceramic Nailbomb, and a Holydiver.

    The Cold Sweat is great, I don't particularly like the clean sound when the pickup is humbucking, but the coil split tone is great.

    Super thick is what I was going for when I bought my Holydiver and it worked out great. I bought it to replace a Tone Zone that sounded thick but got too muddy at high gain. The HD pretty much fixed this. Guitar is still plenty thick with lots of power, but it's not quite as boomy as it was with the TZ. It cleans up with the volume pot, crunchy tone is nice and old school sounding, reminds me of Alex Lifeson's 70s tone. Dialing in more gain gets you towards metal territory, reminds me of both the Holy Diver album (specifically the beginning of Stand Up and Shout, that riff is exactly what the pickup sounds like) and of Rust in Peace. It's also really smooth for a bridge pickup, sounds good for an edgier, more agressive lead sound than you can get when soloing on a neck pickup.

    The ceramic Nailbomb, on the other hand, is a whole different animal. Not nearly as thick, heaps more presence and aggression, tighter bottom end, less mids, its basically thrash in a pickup. I haven't gotten a chance to try an alnico Nailbomb yet, but I imagine you'd go for that over the ceramic version

    Edit: I play RGs though, so YMMV

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