Schecter Damien Elite Avenger FR

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    This guitar ive owned for a few months. I ordered this baby back in april. I sat on back order until the end of june. But let me tell ya. It was well worth it. This guitar is my absolute favorite guitar in the world. It is a 6 string guitar with an avenger style body. It has a mahogany body and a quilted maple top with a transparent black finish. It is stunning. The grain isnt quite as wavy as it is in that drum city picture. It has a floyd rose special bridge with the locking nut. It is a 25.5" scale. The fretboard is rosewood with stained abalone cross inlays, a 14" radius and a bolt on 3 piece maple neck.

    This guitar just plays fantastically. It fits me perfectly with the shape, size, cutaways, design. It has great access to all the frets, Everything was set well right out of the box, however i had to tune it and set the bridge and neck because i keep this guitar tuned to drop D. It is loaded with EMG 81/85's. Im not going to go into the tone of the EMG's. I modified this, as i do with all my guitars, with the tone pot as a push pull switch to switch between 9v and 18v operation.

    Now to my issues with it. As with all the damien elite series, i wish they had a set neck. It has a bolt on neck with a pretty big heel but due to the design of the cut aways its no big deal. The control layout is a little bit stupid. It is set up so from front to back there is the volume knob, tone knob and then the 3 way toggle switch. This makes it so the toggle switch is relatively low to reach depending on your strap settings and the tremolo bar gets in the way of the switch sometimes unless you have it locked. I rewired the controls so the switch was first then the volume and tone however i havent gotten around to actually changing them over yet because i have to expand the hole to fit the toggle switch. In reality this is not a huge issue considering i have a good deal of experience in doing these types of modifications.

    My biggest issue with this guitar is the floyd rose. It is a floyd rose special which means (to the best of my knowledge) that its still manufactured by floyd rose and it is the same specs as the floyd rose original, but it is made of cheaper materials. I originally was having some tuning issues with this guitar. The springs needed to be worn in more. The bridge often times wouldnt return to zero. This wasnt horrible because it was never very drastic unless i did a huge dive bomb or pull up. After a couple weeks of playing, the springs wore in enough where i no longer have any issues with tuning, It seems to stay just about in tune regardless of bar use.

    This is a fantastic guitar. I wouldnt recommend it to anyone though because i want it all to myself :p I love this guitar so much that im going to have a custom model built with a floyd rose original, set mahogany neck and a 4 to 2 headstock.

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