Schecter Damien Elite 7

Discussion in 'Guitar Reviews' started by JStraitiff, Oct 26, 2011.

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    Feb 7, 2011
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    I bought this guitar a few months ago. It is the first 7 string guitar i've owned. As far as playability goes its fantastic. Its a mahogany body, 26.5" scale, 24 jumbo frets, 16" radius and the neck is about 20mm thick. The neck is a 3 piece maple bolt on. It plays really well. The frets were dressed really well right out of the box, and it was set up pretty well too. I had to raise the action a little bit but the neck was set fine and the pickups were set fine. It has a TOM bridge with strings through body.

    The pickups are EMG 81-7 and EMG 85-7. Though im not sure about the 85 because its not listed in EMG's catalog and from what i understand the 707 is pretty much an 85 for 7 strings. These are what you would expect from a standard EMG 81/85 set. Super hot wall of sound. Fantastic for Rhythm and pretty good leads out of either pickup. I tend to use the neck pickup for a lot of the lower stuff just because it has so much more bass response, it just gives it a little extra power. I modified it so that the tone knob works as a push pull switch to switch between 9v and 18v operation. Personally i prefer the tone of 9v operation for overdrive tones, but this way i can still clean them up nicely for clean settings.

    I do have a few grievances however. I wish this was a set neck. Schecter tends to make a lot of inexpensive guitars with set necks. I dont know why they chose to make this one with a bolt on. The heel on this is pretty massive. The heel really doesn't matter considering the thing really getting in the way of access to the low strings on the higher frets is the shape of the body. Its a pretty standard strat style body, but theres no way you're going to hit the notes below the 5th string up there near the 24th fret without some trouble. Luckily i dont play there very much on this guitar so its not a big deal.

    I really dont like the metallic black finish. Well, lets put it this way: I feel like it needs something more. Im still working on spicing up the appearance of this guitar. I only gave the action fit and finish section a 4 because of the access issues in the higher registers. This finish issue is just personal preference. There is another finish available which is the crimson red with a nice quilted maple top.

    Overal this is a great guitar and i would recommend buying it to anyone. I like it so much im even considering buying another one in the other color with a floyd rose.
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    Jan 2, 2011
    These are alright guitars for the money. Not a big Schecter fan, but their 7s and 8s are better quality for what they are than their 6s IMO.

    I dig the Galaxy Black finish though. Too bad it doesn't have binding, that would really make it pop. :/
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    Feb 5, 2012
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    I almost bought one of these before I got my rg7621. Glad I kept saving. I played this guitar a lot in a local shop, but I think I would have regretted getting it.

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