Scale/mode position questions.

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    Sup guys.

    Hope you're doing well, I got a couple questions, I've just started looking into "scale positions", and trying to memorize modal scale shapes.

    My plan was to learn a key's Major scale pattern (and following modes), arpeggio, and chord progression (Maj,min and dim), for every interval of the parent Major. Starting with the 6th string to the 5th to the 4th ect...

    Question 1. Is this an effective way to memorize the patterns? Or is there a more logical (easier) method?

    Question 2. Would using this method to learn 1 key mean all I would have to do is transpose the patterns up/down however any notes to the new root/key?

    Question 3. Looking at "Major Scale Position" charts, what determines the position number? Is it which fret a root falls upon? Because there are 2 roots on the first position... I thought it would be something like, "position 1 - 10 going from the lowest string all the way down, then the 5th string all the way down.. ect"

    As always thx for your help and explanations. :wallbash:

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