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    The specs:

    - 26.5" Scale 24 frets
    - 16" radius
    - Mahogany Body
    - One piece flamed top Northridge Hardwoods private stock
    - Two pieces flamed back
    - 5 pieces Rosewood\Flamed Maple neck
    - Ebony fretboard
    - Flamed Maple bindings
    - Bolt on construction
    - Hipshot fixed bridge
    - Custom BKP Juggernaut Zebra (ebony + flamed maple coil bridge
    - Custom BKP Mother's Milk (ebony coil)
    - Custom BKP Cold Sweat (ebony + flamed maple coils) on neck
    - Sperzel Tuners
    - 3 Volumes Push-Pull, 1 Tone Push-Pull,5 way switch, 2 position 4pdt (42 positions )
    - Custom Luminlay logo in 12th fret
    - Luminlays on fretboard side
    - Gloss finish on body and headstock front
    - Satin finish on neck

    The reason I chose Rusti Guitars:


    After having a Mayones Regius Custom which is, without any doubt, an astounding guitar in every aspect, I had always wanted my own totally custom instrument, a guitar that not only has my own tastes in components ( woods, hardware, pickups…) but also my own thoughts on the design.

    I knew the work of Claudio thanks to this forum and as soon as I saw his extremely elegant guitars he made and the perfection and care of his construction process, I wrote him. He is one of the humblest luthiers I have ever met and an incredible person so I had no doubts on my decision.

    First of all, the model is NOT my creation, is a mixture between two or three models by Rusti guitars with some particular modifications in the design, but for me that’s enough.

    The guitar took a year and a half approximately but I couldn’t be any happier with the result. Apart from that, the communication with Claudio has been a real pleasure, and his patience with me has been wait…do you hear that?...legen…LEGENDARY ! ( I’m a great fan of “ How I met your mother” haha ) He has explained all the things I needed to know and way more.



    I want a guitar that would able to cover each one of the sounds I usually play in my other 6 string guitars. I mainly focus on metal but also like things more classical like Fleetwood Mac, Deep Purple, Dire Straits, Anneke Van Giersbergen, Meat Loaf, Muse, Oasis… so I want to play all of them without changing to another guitar…the solution? A really complex wiring diagram. This particular guitar has 42 positions ! thanks to its 3 push pull volume, 1 push pull tone, 5 way lever and its mini switch toggle 4pdt.

    Do you want strato sound? You have it!

    Do you want Jimmy Page sound ? You have it ! Even, if you combine the following selection: B+(N//M out of phase ) , it sounds ALMOST EXACTLY as if you were using the attack mode of the Bulb deluxe pro tone pedal ( I have the pedal, so I know what I am talking about ).

    The scale is semi baritone. I like that extra brightness in standard and that clear tone in D standard or drop D. For B or more dark stuff I use a seven string and a schecter banshee 8 ( 28”).


    I’m still in shock with the sound…I can compare it with:
    - G&L legacy USA HB with juggernaut bridge and mothers milk neck and middle.
    - Mensinger arcadia 7 with painkiller bridge and vhII neck
    - Schecter Banshee with Lungren M8 and sd Sentinent.

    It’s the clearest of all, at the same level of banshee in E standard, which has surprised me. The sound is way more thick that I expected and in D standard has the perfect equilibrium between brightness and fullness.
    The guitar has a great amount of maple ( maybe 60% or even a bit more ). It’s extremely resonant and alive and due to the mahogany being between the two tops, the properties of the mahogany is increased.

    The guitar is really organic but tight, a bit compressed with a sharp palm mutes that I love. It reminds me a lot of the tone of Metallica in the black album, so playing songs like “sad but true” it’s a delight. The palm mutes produce that kind of wall of sound , the leads are really fluid and the sustain is just incredible, considering the size of the guitar.

    The 42 combination gives it a total versatility. The clean stuff is sounds even better than my G&L Legacy USA ! The “strato” position is beautiful, elegant and really crystalline. The neck position is deep and sweet and for vintage sounds is really impressive.
    By selecting the out of phase you have that kind of particular sound we can hear in guitar players like Jimmy Page. But, by far, my favourite position is the following:

    Bridge in series with the parallel of neck and the middle out of phase : B+(N//M out of phase )…it’s like having the protone attack inside your guitar !! The guitar becomes way dry, aggressive , uber tight and brighter …it’s like having two different guitars for rhythm , one thick , tight and organic and other uber aggressive ! Love it !


    Construction, action, fit and finish:

    Construction: the guitar is a lot lighter than I expected, more or less 3,2kg, but it`s reasonable…it’s the smaller guitar I have! I expected it to be bigger but that isn’t a problem after playing it and hearing what it sounds like. The construction is incredible. The transition between the mahogany and the back top is fantastic, all the details are really awesome, I think it’s one of the most elegant guitars I have ever seen, seriously. The main top is one of the most beautiful one piece top I have ever seen. It belongs to Northridge hardwoods private reserve and it was chosen by me and Claudio. As you have read in the specs, the pickups coils are made with woods, which took a long time , but it was worth the wait !

    Talking about the neck, it is really fast, a mixture between a mayones regius and a Ibanez, it plays like butter! The touch is smooth and the binding is perfect. It has blue luminlay on its sides and a custom inlay made with luminlay too. The body shape is really elegant, I love the two horns and that headstock and play with the guitar is really easy and comfortable ( if you play on your feet, playing while sitting is a bit more complex due to the horn hehe ) . the neck heel and the transition between neck and body is really comfortable so play leads in the last frets isn’t a problem ( which it actually is in my G&L for example ) . The frets are perfectly cut, not buzzing at all, and the fretboard is dark as night and really smooth.

    The action was too low so I have increased it a bit but, still, it is really fast. The intonation is stable and when you change the tunning is easy and fast to get the proper new intonation. Talking about the finish, here I have a little complaint because in some parts, the transition between the natural wood and the coloured top isn’t totally clear but this happens only in a few points so I don’t think it is remarkable. Another little complaint is due to the complex electronics…The guitar is isolated but in some positions the “electric noise” is louder than in other of my guitars so I supposed is due to the big amount of cables inside the cavity.


    It’s too soon to talk about it but I still haven’t got any complaints about it.

    Customer support:

    Outstanding. Claudio has helped me at every step with my doubts and fears, has given me tips and opinions so I can’t be happier in that way. We have exchanged literally like thousands of messages so I can’t say anything bad about him.

    To sum up; the good: Wonderful craftsmanship work , really patient with the details, an extremely beautiful axe, magical and special sound and instrument really easy to play.

    The bad: to say something…the wait, of course! , and …maybe…the little non-perfect details of the paint and the noise of the electronics but I think they are more anecdotal.

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