Rugby training for a non-rugby player? (Or other power-endurance sports)

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    As most of you are aware, I'm a current/former/inbetweener powerlifter, and have also joined the military. I was horribly out of shape as far as running goes prior to joining, got a little in shape before basic training, got in better shape during basic (1.5m run went from 12:26 to 10:57), got a tiny bit better during tech school (10:52 final run), and then somehow lost the majority of it. My run is now around a 12:00 on a well-rested day. I've been doing cardio here and there to try to build up my endurance again, but it's a very slow climb. Not wanting to abandon my quest for strength and size, I have been looking into programs that focus on power, endurance, strength, and stamina. My own personal studies have led me to think that a rugby-style training program may be the answer. I found a 9-week program today that trains you 6 days a week, all days including running and some sort of compound movement. I tried it out today and felt like my heart rate was soaring, but I also had a great pump and was hitting my usual weights when I'm training for power, respective to the rep range. It looked something like this:

    Power cleans: 5x5 @ 115 (Never done them before, so I started very light)
    Back squat: 3x8 @ 225
    Barbell row: 3x8 @ 115
    HIIT 30/30s: 10 min alternating between 4 mph and 11.5 mph
    Superset - Leg extensions/Leg curls: 3x12
    Hanging leg raises: 2x25
    Sit-ups: 25
    4-count flutter kicks: 25

    My short-term goal is to cross train into special operations, which will include long distance runs, lots of weighted and unweighted calisthenics, and heavy rucks for anywhere from 8 to 15 miles, and with weights of up to 120 lbs. My thoughts are that this program could get me seasoned a bit with those sort of movements, as well as build my endurance. Seeing as the sport is full contact with no pads, and you're running the whole damn time, I figure this could be a solid route to try out. Any thought? Suggestions? Otherwise?
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    You're on the right path for endurance definitely. Doing rugby conditioning is a pregnant dog and a half, but when it finally starts paying dividends on the field its worth it.

    This is something im doing now to get in better shape. you might like this too.

    A great tool to develop conditioning

    i use the sled example.

    and he explains why he likes this training as a base compared to tabata

    In favour of steady state aerobics for athletes

    it works too. i remember my endurance was made so much better by doing longer, sustained exercises rather than 1000 yards worth of sprinting.

    EDIT: as an experienced gym goer you'll know to avoid this but in case others are reading: a lot of the rugby programs you will find online can be very application specific, so if you're not intending to step onto a pitch some movements and drills wont be as important i.e. throwing a medicine ball in a twisting motion.

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