Rolls (RFX) Vibraflange RFX970

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    Let me preface this review by saying, I am in a 3 piece, so being the only guitarist, I have the job of filling space and adding dynamics when parts of certain songs get too mundane and "dry". That being said, the only modulation pedals on my board are a DD20, and this RFX970. Here is why:

    I bought this pedal as it sounded like a rotary speaker upon demoing it in the store on the clean channel of POS combo, and was so versatile my mind couldnt wrap around it in a 5 minute demo session. (plus after checking prices on ebay,) it would have been dumb to pass this opportunity up.

    • Ease of use: Very simple layout. You have 4 knob controls
    • - Depth (controls the intensity of the tremolo. It can bend a note up to a half step down, this controls the severity of the "dive".)
    • Speed (controls the speed of the tremolo effect, as well as the flange)
    • Manual (controls the intensity of of the flange effect. can go from subtle to INSANE AIRPLANE without issue)
    • Peak (controls the pitch/note at which the flange effect peaks. It can sound like a brisk wind or a blizzard)

    • Features: Has two modes with independent switches, as well as stereo out (plus another little goody Ill address)
    • Built in noise gate
    • Two footswitches: with the Flange activated, and "mode one" off, you will be getting a mixture of the wet and dry signal. With both switches on, (i.e. Flange and Mode 1), you are getting 100% wet signal.
    • Stereo output, need I say more? Maybe I should, when using both output jacks, one becomes strictly a wet signal, and the other strictly dry.
    • My favorite feature. You can hook a 1/4" headphone jack to either of the outputs, and eliminate having any sort of amplifier for practising and noodling at your desk.

    • Reliability: I have never had an issue with this pedal, however stronger components would be a tremendous step forward in the right direction. That being said, this pedal has withstood the test of time, and I learn something new about it every day.

    • Value: I picked mine up on the used market, however if you see one under $55, you will be doing yourself a disservice passing it up.

    • Customer Support: Im pretty sure at this point it is non existent

    • Expressiveness/Sounds: This is what originally sold me on the pedal. Not only does it have a beautiful tremolo and flange effect, which can be tweaked to operate one way or the other, but I have found that setting the controls to noon, and tweaking slowly on a clean channel gives me a beautiful chorus that even a Small Stone couldnt rival. It will also emulate a rotatory speaker. It can be a subtle ingredient in your tone, or you can make it sound like a space station exploding. It takes a while to fully grasp how immediately responsive the controls are, but once you master it, you quickly learn that it is more than a run of the mill Trem/Flange .
    It has become my favorite pedal on my board, because if I ever need a Chorus effect, it is easily dialed in on the Vibraflange. On top of all of the other insane noises it can produce.


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